Best Travel News and Deals – February 23, 2010 – Amazing Race Alternative, Avoiding Travel Scams, Stories From Around the Globe, The Ugly American

by brian on February 23, 2010

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Can’t Get on the Amazing Race – Try Competitours
Global Scavenger Hunt
From loyal reader TJ
I’ve mentioned this before but with the new season of the Amazing Race starting last week here in the US, it is always good to remember that for those of us who will never get a chance to be on the show (that’s most of us), there are options. You won’t get $1,000,000 for winning, but ‘winning’ can mean different things for different people.

Sites That Do Your Fare Digging

From loyal reader Karen
There are many websites that will show you airfares beyond the usual suspects: Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. This article tries to capture the good and bad in booking your airfare online and tips on the best deals.

Travel Video of the Week
Stories from Around the World
Journalist Steve Hartman had a project where he traveled around the US and randomly picked a person from the phone book and did a story about them. It was an extremely popular series and he decided to do it on a world scale. See his stories from Oman, India and Latvia. The story in India is really touching.

Best midlife-crisis trips

Need another reason to travel? A mid-life crisis is not perhaps the “best” reason to take off and travel, but it is a reason nonetheless.

And a mid-life crisis is not just for men, since I think many people associate it with married men with kids. Anyone of any gender who feels unsatisfied with their lives can have a “crisis” so to speak. The need for challenges and to do something different can happen at any age in someone’s life.

Will Airlines and Passengers Call a Truce?

Airlines are trying to raise prices. When consumers don’t bite, they decide to add on fees, like extra baggage fees and American Airlines charging $8US for a pillow and blanket. Count on additional fees like this to make up for the airline revenue shortfall.

But how much can we as consumers really complain? Airline travel is the safest form of transportation in the world. You can be anywhere on the planet in 24 hours. The food, the feeling of being in a cattle car, the extra fees are all things we complain about. But in the end, the airlines get us to where we want to go safely. In this case for me, it all about the destination and defintely not the journey.

Five Rules for Recognizing and Avoiding Travel Scams

Tuk-tuks in Thailand. Art galleries in China. Pickpockets in Europe. Unmetered taxi pretty much anywhere. All the classic travel scams have fleeced even the most experienced traveler. Put the odds in your favor by seeing the signs before you’ve been taken for your cash.

The Origin of the Ugly American

The Ugly American is one of those things those of us conscious of it try to avoid. The loud, abrasive, impatient American who doesn’t seem to have any respect for other cultures and assumes everything American is the best. Where does the phrase really come from? Find out now.

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