Best Travel Deals and News – March 23, 2010 – Spring Break in Mexico, Lost Luggage?, Lost Passports?, Travel Scams in India, Locked Up for Taking Pictures, Visas for US

by brian on March 23, 2010

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Travel etiquette in the world’s most-visited countries

While common courtesy goes a long way whenever you travel, every country has their own particular rules the visitor may not know about.

Some of the more interesting ones…

Can someone explain to me why in Mexico you need to “always keep both hands above the table”?

In Russia “Don’t shake hands over a threshold. Russians believe this will lead to an argument”

The Germans and Austrians expect you to be on time, unlike Mexicans, who expect everyone to be late.

The little differences, this is one of the reasons I love travel…

Late check-out — corpse “sleeps in” for two months

How did this body stay under the bed for two months and no one ever notice? From the comments in the article it sounds like the place was in rough part of town and the people staying there would have thought any smells would have been part of the natural environment.
Lesson for everyone: Check your room right after you get in for the first time. Before you get settled, make sure you don’t need to change your room for any reason…including dead bodies!

Travel Video of the Week
Concerns about Spring Break 2010 in Mexico
Going beyond Spring Break and talking about travel to Mexico in general I’d like to empathize that the violence seems to centered in the border towns between the US and Mexico.

But anytime governments issue travel advisories and warnings, you’ve got to pay attention and see if it applies to you. The world is huge place. If you ever feel uncomfortable, there are dozens of other places to get your fun in the sun.

The Guide to Low Cost Airlines in Asia

Traveling around Asia is very similar to traveling around Europe. There are many low cost airlines that service the region and this is an article that describes the Asian airlines and websites for booking flights in the region.

How To Get A U.S. Visa

We were talking about USA Passport Day 2010 as a way for Americans to get passports before the fees go up. The flipside is that many want to come to the United States and get denied for visas for any number of reasons. Here are some solutions for international travelers who want to visit and get visas for USA.

How to Survive 10 Travel Emergencies

Stolen passports? Car rental wreck while traveling? Lost luggage? Your most common problems when you’re traveling and what you should do. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, things happen.

Travel Scams in India For You to Avoid

From fellow travel bloggers @theplanetd, their experiences in India and what you can do to avoid travel scams in India. You best defense when you go abroad is to read the guidebooks and Internet sites before you travel. Your ignorance can definitely cost you money, yet there is an easy way around it.

SA backpacker’s week of hell in Jordan jail

After 9/11 native New Yorkers were getting harassed taking pictures around the city. This South African was in Jordan and decided to take a ride out the border with Iraq where he took a picture with a sign behind him. This lead to a week in jail. He got out safely but not before being scared and humiliated.

Five First-Class Menus Fit For a King

The next time an airline offers you a $6 box lunch with crackers and a soggy sandwich, dream about these fantastic looking meals. Notice that the airlines mentioned are all Europe and Asia based. Is the entire airline industry in dire straits or is it just the US based carriers that have financial problems? I keep hearing about British Airways and their cash flow and labor issues, and that’s it.

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