Best Travel Deals and News – March 30, 2010 – Repositioning Cruises 2010, Airplane Repos, Madrid on a Budget, Virgin Galactic, Cruises for Solo Travelers

by brian on March 30, 2010

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The LearJet Repo Man

I love this story. For anyone who has had anything repossessed, realize that even high rolling individuals and companies have aircraft of all kinds taken back. From jumbo jets to single engine personal planes, someone has to recover them when the bills are not getting paid. These repo adventures are even more dramatic, involving getting thrown in jail, outwitting armed security and dodging bullets.

This would make a great TV show or movie. Definitely more exciting that repossessing someone’s Honda Accord.

Top 10 Things to Do in Madrid on a Backpacker’s Budget

Did not make it Madrid when I was in Barcelona, but I will say this: Don’t go to Europe in the summer. It’s hot and crowded in the high season. Go in the spring and fall, when the weather is nicer and the crowds are smaller. Winter time in Europe can be just as cold as parts of the USA, with less snow. Not really conducive for outdoor activities.

Heard of You-Touch-It-You-Bought-It Minibars? Those and Other Extra Fees Worsen the Lives of Tourists

DON’T touch the mini-bar, not even to see what is in there at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Motion sensors in the little fridge are used to detect when you’ve taken something out for 60 seconds and then charge you even if you haven’t used it.

You know this is eventually coming to other hotels, if it isn’t there already. As always look at your hotel bill THE NIGHT BEFORE you check out so you can dispute charges. If you wait until the morning you’re leaving, you may be in a rush to catch a flight or taxi and not have time to clearly read the bill or challenge a phony charge.

Virgin Galactic Makes One Giant Leap for Space Tourism

Travel Video of the Week
Virgin Galactic
Why should we limit ourselves to Earth bound travel? Sir Richard Branson started Virgin Galactic to take everyday people into outer space.

Everyday people who can afford the initial $200,000 cost.

But you know how these things work. It will be 200K and then $10K 10 years after the first flight. Then everyone will wonder what the big fuss is when we’re vacationing on the Moon…

Six Places You Never Thought You Could Afford – 2010 Edition

Panama City, as well as Buenos Aires, two on my personal list are included in this article. A little research can make you realize you can do it. Start by looking at exchange rates at sites like and then go from there.

Repositioning Cruises 2010

As a followup to my post on repositioning cruises - An Alternative to One Way Flights – Repositioning Cruises, here are some of the cruises available for 2010. The cruise from Rome to Rio De Janeiro sounds fantastic. Stops along the way include Barcelona, Casablanca, and Florence before you head across the Atlantic and drop anchor in beautiful Brazil.

Fly Safe, Fly Smart: How to Decode Code Shares

Code sharing means you may book on one airline, but actually may be flying on another. Code shares are important to know because frequent flyer miles can and should carry from one airline to another.

Here’s a comprehensive list of airlines all over the world and who they code share with. Great to know if there is an airline you do not want to fly with but may get stuck with without your prior knowledge.

Best cruises for solo travelers

Cruise lines are realizing they are leaving money on the table by not marketing to solo travelers who want to cruise, but hate the single supplements and other ways they are made to feel like second class citizens. This is part of the reason why I personally haven’t cruised yet. Here is a list of cruise lines that are trying to change that.

A Dessert Lover’s Guide to New York City

New Yawk! A foodie’s delight and a town that is really pushing desserts. Many people know cupcake maker Magnolia’s from ‘Sex and the City’, but there are many other options for getting your sugar rush.

Where to Go? 8 Ways to Choose Your Next Travel Destination

At times too many options is a bad thing. When you’re planning a round the world trip, sometimes you get stuck just picking where to start.

The same thing can happen when you’re just trying to get away for a week. You have limited time and money and don’t want to waste either one. Just make a decision! Maybe you can narrow your focus by following some of the ideas in the post.

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Jeremy Jones March 30, 2010 at 7:16 AM

Wow, Repositioning from Rome to Rio? That's the one I want! My RTW flight will take me from Dubai to Rio.. hopefully there will be one when I am looking at crossing over in 2011


brian March 30, 2010 at 9:25 AM

@Jeremy Jones
For me that is the best repositioning cruise I've seen yet. Western Europe, Morocco and Brazil all on one trip? Fantastic.


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