Best Travel News and Deals – March 16, 2010 – Sample RTW Tickets and Prices, Traveling with Kids, Shoe Shopping in Paris, Weird Travel Stories, Flight Attendant Combat Training, Dancing in Salvador, Bahia

by brian on March 16, 2010

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On the Road: Traveling with Kids

This link from my good friends at @CareerBreakHQs leads to two great articles about traveling with children. I know there are readers who have children who think that long term travel is impossible and even a week with the fruit of your loins is a hassle bordering on terror. Not the case, according to the two families in the article. A good read for the solo travelers too.

Flight attendants union wants combat training

Has it really comes to this? I guess it has. Pilots carrying guns into the cockpit and flight attendants union wanting hand to hand combat training.

Finally an Idiot Proof Plane

Airline painted over a plane to point out where everthing is. I mean everything…I can’t explain it in words, just click for the pictures to see for yourself.

Travel Video of the Week
Bale Folclorico da Bahia
I was cleaning up and found a ticket from a performance I went to in Salvador, Brazil back in 2006. Salvador is the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture, as it was the main point drop-off point for Africans during the slave trade in the ‘New World’, besides the Caribbean and the American South. One of the best tour trips I took and the performance by this dance troupe was one of the many highlights.

For more videos, check their website Bale Folclorico da Bahia

7 Activities That Could Get You Jailed (or Killed) While Traveling

I don’t mean to scare anyone, because the same things can happen in your home country. But being aware of the local customs or laws goes a long way. For instance, don’t go to India asking for the nearest barbeque…

10 Guerilla Airline Travel Tips for the Geek-Minded Person

Not just for geeks trust me. The biggest thing you can learn from this and the comments is to get with one airline and stick with them if you can. You get priority if you can show if you are a frequent flier or have points from a credit card, miles you’ve saved up over the years or some other reward system. This helps if your flight is delayed and you need to get rescheduled. Even if you aren’t in a bad weather area, inclement conditions in other places domino and can affect flight schedules all over the world.

Paris: Shoe shopping survival guide for Paris

Traveling around a particular theme is always a good idea. You could travel around the USA just visiting the best barbecue spots. Or visit Japan with the intention of visiting Buddhist temples. Or travel to Central America and hike as many volcanoes as you can. For the shopaholics and fashionistas among you, this is a theme for you for the City of Light – Paris.

Bizarre Traveler Behavior

I wrote a blog post about getting robbed while in the air, and here is a compilation of other weird stories, primarliy from the skies. How about a guy caught trying to smuggle pygmy monkeys in HIS PANTS? Yes, you read that right.

Best selling round the world tickets in 2010

This UK firm has a sampling of round the world tickets for you to preview. I like to highlight these whenever I get the chance to show the affordability of these types of trips. If you have the time, you can travel around the world. Money, in a relative sense, is not the biggest issue blocking you.

₤999 is about $1500US, which is the general starting point for round the world tickets. It all depends on where you want to go and what time of the year you decide to take off.

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