Best Travel News and Deals – March 2, 2010 – Most Traveled Man, Beat Your Travel Slump, Expert Travel Tips, Travel and Get Paid for It, Backpacker Acts of Kindness, Arthur Frommer

by brian on March 2, 2010

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The world’s most traveled man – over 800 countries/territories/specks of land 

Charles Veley, self made millionaire, has been traveling for years, trying to see every nook and cranny of the Earth. The United Nations only counts 193 countries, but he lists over 800 locations he’s visited, which cover territories, commonweatlhs and specific specks of land in the middle of nowhere. What I did learn from this article is that the psychological urge to travel or wander is called dromomania. An actual term for not wanting to be where you currently are.

Five Worst Trip Planning Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Cramming too much in is one thing folks try to do when they have a limited amount of time, especially my fellow Americans. Maybe that’s why you’ll hear people say, “I need a vacation from my vacation!”. I can absolutely see this happening. Traveling slow or going in depth in one particular area could be the way to go.

Seven Ways to Beat the Travel Slump

Been traveling for a while and don’t feel the desire to get out and go go go. It happens to all of us. Sometimes you’re on the road for so long that that the sites, museums, and airports all blur into one blob of a memory. Here are some ways to break out of your travel funk.

The low airfare that vanishes in a click

When you see a great airfare, BOOK IT fast. I’ve seen this myself, where the price goes up when you come back 5-10 minutes later. Sometimes it works in your favor, but not many times.

18 Expert Travel Tips

The more experienced traveler may know alot of this information. Doesn’t matter. Even the best jetsetter with a well-worn passport could use a refresher with these easy travel tips and tricks.

Do you want to travel the world . . . and get paid for it?

Sorry only for the Brits. Company is offering 12 trips for a year to a lucky winner, who will blog about their adventures on the road.

Travel Video of the Week
Frommer Travel Tip: Use Flight Aggregators
After seeing Arthur Frommer at the New York Times Travel Show, I decided to look for some of his other interviews. Here’s one where he talks about airfare aggregators, who generally show lower prices than your Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitzs’ of the world.

20 Acts of Kindness for Backpackers

It’s the little things we can do on the road that can make the difference not only for yourself, but for other people.

Doctor, Doctor! Reader Remedies Put to the Test

You’re on the road and you have an upset stomach or a headache, or one of the many ailments that can bring down the traveler’s best laid plans. Here are some ideas on how to overcome with natural travel remedies. For instance, ginger for an upset stomach.

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