Best Travel News and Deals – March 9, 2010 – Walk Around the World, 77 Yrs Young and Traveling, Free Things To Do When Traveling, Mobile Boarding Passes, Travel to Colombia

by brian on March 9, 2010

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Seriously Slow: 6 Travelers Who Walked Around The World

Have some time and a few dozen pairs of walking shoes? Then you have everything you need to walk around the world.

77 Years Old and Still Vagabonding

Do you really think you’re too old to travel? If you’re 78 years old or older you MIGHT have some excuse. If you’re younger than this 77 years young lady in this article, you really have no excuse. She has literally lived all over the world, and really is into slow travel. Vastly different from my round the world trip, where I spent at most 2-3 weeks in a country, this traveler takes her time to really see the cultures of her host country and go deep.

The 12 Best Free Activities Around the World

While you’re walking, or flying around the world, you can try to do some of the items listed here. The Star Ferry in Hong Kong, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and Tate Modern in London are things I can have done off this list for free on my round the world trip. Well the Star Ferry costs a few cents, so we’ll say almost free for that.

Travel Video of the Week
The Belly of the Beast in this case is a Air France jetliner with a camera mounted to the aircraft. You get a whole new view of takeoff, landing and the view IN the clouds. Need to blow 7 1/2 minutes? Step right up and click here.
The folks at Gadling recommended this video and I highly concur.

25 ways to save on Caribbean travel

The Caribbean is still a hot destination for the USA and Canada and here are some of the best ways to save. #11 is pretty important. Know how much to tip. You don’t want to be a miser, but you don’t want to give more than is what is normally expected.

Mobile Boarding Passes Take Off With 1200% Usage Increase In 2009

Has anyone used their cellphone or PDA to act as an electronic ticket to board a plane? Would love to hear from you in the comments as this seems to be more of an option beyond the paper tickets.

From the comments in the article, seems like many people had problems getting their phones scanned at the gate while in line to board. The technology may not be ready for full prime time, but seems like it is a good start.

Why you should ignore everything and go to Colombia

Debunking the myths about Colombia that has been drilled into us by the movies and media. Not to say that the country does not/did not have a huge drug trafficking problem. But for the visitor who wants to see what the country has to offer, you don’t have to see that side of Colombia if you don’t want to.

The world’s greatest travel stories… yours!

LonelyPlanet and The Wall Street Journal are sponsoring a travel writing contest. Get selected and your story will appear in the Wall Street Journal. This could be the big break someone is looking for. I’ll be submitting my entry.

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