Best Travel Deals and News – April 27, 2010 – Airport Transfers, Americans Giving Up Citizenship, Effect of Iceland Volcano, New Cirque du Soleil Show

by brian on April 27, 2010

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The Taxi Alternative – The 12 Best Non-taxi Airport Transfers

One of the most stressful parts of getting to a new places is landing and then getting to your new hotel/hostel/rented apt/friend’s couch. Especially in a foreign country and especially at night, you may be nervous, anxious and confused. Getting to your new ‘home’ will be less stressful in one of these cities. Hong Kong is super easy. You can even check-in and select a seat on your flight before getting on the train to the airport.

More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship

Really interesting that the main reason folks are giving their US citizen status is because of taxation. Most countries don’t tax their citizens when they are living abroad full-time.

The Association of American Residents Overseas

Speaking of which, if you are living abroad or thinking about it, this could be the organization for you. Been around since 1973. Check it out.

Travel Video of the Week
Cirque du Soleil and Michael Jackson
People love Cirque du Soleil.
People love Michael Jackson.
Stands to figure that the dynamic moves of Cirque would combine with MJ’s music. Seen all the shows in Vegas? This could another reason to head back.

Impact of ash crisis felt in all sectors of travel and tourism

I believe most of the travelers are back where they want to be after European air space opened up, but a few more weeks of it could have forced a few airlines into bankruptcy. We also saw that MANY people were deficient in their travel insurance when they had to pay out of pocket for extra nights of housing and/or arranging new transportation.

Remember to ask if your travel insurance covers – act of nature (earthquakes, landslides), act of terrorism/violence, and weather conditions. Many insurers treated the Icelandic volcano as a weather condition since the ash in the air could be considered ‘weather’.

What’s next, paying by the pound?

Speculation about what potential fees the airlines may be charging down the line. We really shouldn’t give them ideas, but if we can think of these, I’m sure the airlines already have them in a list, ready and willing to implement if given the opportunity.

A Pilot on the Iceland Volcano’s Effects on Air Travel

More on the Iceland volcano from the pilot’s perspective. Some people have said the airspace closure was an overreaction, but if a plane went down, those same folks would have screamed that the proper precautions were not taken.

Get packing: Brussels decrees holidays are a human right

The Europeans and Australians generally start with 4 weeks of vacation at a minimum, even for the newest, youngest hire. Which could explain the thinking that vacations are a ‘human right’. You’ll never hear that in America…

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