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by brian on June 29, 2010

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Negotiate Your Own Hotel Deal

From loyal reader Karen
Good advise on maximizing your time and money during your next hotel stop. The key takeaway: It does not hurt to ask and when you do, ask discreetly. Drawing attention to yourself is one big way to fall out of the graces of the hotel desk clerk who could knock 20% off your bill.

Travel Video of the Week
Cheaper Flights Via Facebook and Twitter

If you’re not using social media to plan or purchase your next trip, you are missing out. Companies consider those who follow them on Twitter and Facebook the most loyal and more likely to pull the trigger on the best deals. So they get notification first. Get on the VIP list for your favorite airline, hotel, hostel, cruise line, etc by signing up and following them. And if you don’t, well, I guess there will be more travel deals for the rest of us!

Medical Emergency Abroad? There’s an App for That!

I know, I know,  there are other phones and devices out. But Apple’s iPhone/iPad are the hot devices right now and there’s a great app for the travelers when bad things happen.

New York Controversy: A crackdown on “no-tels”

I’ve talked about renting apartments and homes before and now the New York State government is trying to stop the practice. The official line is that they are trying to raise health standards and prevent nuisances for neighbors. But the real truth is that hotels know this is the future of travel, and the hotel lobbyists are coming hard spreading propaganda about the entire concept.

Trying Out Wi-Fi in the Sky

I have yet to try this, but I’m anxious to do it. I’d love to entertain myself with web surfing and doing some work. The only thing I fear: the ridiculous conversations people may have if they get on Skype or Google Voice. You can’t escape when you’re 35,000 feet up…and 17C keeps talking loudly about the cream he needs to get to clear up his rash.

Flying to Europe? It pays to know EU 261

Europe has even more protection for fliers who get bumped or are otherwise inconvenienced. Be sure to understand your rights when you’re flying to a particular part of the world. You could be entitled to money, hotels and meals. Don’t starve in an airport terminal while waiting for your flight the next day. If you’re entitled to compensation, get it.

The Worst Places Make the Best Stories

This was mentioned at #TBEX – the worst experiences make the best stories. So true. Not to say you want to take up that deal the motorcycle gang offers, purposely get yourself thrown in jail or anything that will cause bodily harm. But when you’re traveling, or in ‘real life’, take a chance or two…or three…

5 reasons your travel photos suck

All I’ve got to say – Hold your hands steady. That is half the battle in good photography. Take a deep breath and take the picture while holding your breath. Try it if you’re one of those people whose pictures are always blurry and shaky. Yeah you know who you are…

Travelers, be wary of ‘data passing’ online

The latest scam happens on legitimate sites like Travelocity. At the end of the transaction, there is another link, usually in fine print, that looks like part of the purchase you are making. You click the link and the next thing you know you’re being charged $30 per month from a company you’ve never heard of. Always check your credit card bills, even if you THINK you should have a $0 balance. Much easier to dispute within those precious 60 days after the charge is initially made.

Inspectors find safety flaws where airline food is prepared

If there was ever a reason to pack your own food everywhere, it’s the simple fact that the same problems that happen in restaurants happen in the same kitchens that service millions of fliers every year. But you can check out the Health Department rating of restaurants before you enter. You can’t easily check the company making that $6US box ‘lunch’ or your beef/chicken/fish surprise served from the metal cart. Honestly there is no good solution. But I’m not too worried. If you knew everything happening in the restaurant or airline kitchen, you probably wouldn’t eat out again. Ignorance can truly be bliss.

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Susan June 30, 2010 at 3:55 AM

Wow! Informative post. Thanks for sharing valuable travel information. Definitely it will help people to plan a pleasant trip.


brian July 11, 2010 at 3:43 PM

That’s what we (I) try to do. Thanks for commenting.


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Wow! Tons on information here Brian! Especially loved the “5 reasons your travel photos suck” Good information for everyone!


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Big thanks for all your retweets and encouragement!


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