Best Travel Deals and News – June 15, 2010 – Bizarre Eating Rituals, Reasons to Hit the Road, Tips for Cruises, TSA Naughty List, How to Travel With a Baby

by brian on June 15, 2010

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23 Reasons to Hit the Road Again

Do you really need any reason to travel? Perhaps. Let this list help you move your body to your next destination.

Common Pick-Pocket Schemes

I love the diagrams in this post and sometimes visualizing it helps make the concepts clearer. One of the commenters noted that in Guatemala someone used pepper spray to distract/blind the victim to steal. To me that is grounds for a beating by the victim if the perp(s) is ever caught. Water, soda, ketchup, mustard but pepper spray??? Taking it too far to steal my wallet!

Travel Video of the Week
Spanish Bullfighter Gored
I think that is the first time I’ve used that phrase on this blog. Don’t click through if you have a weak stomach.
Bullfighter Julio Aparicio was gored through the throat during this match in Madrid. This speaks to how different cultures react to the same event. Many Spaniards consider this another day in the life of a bullfighter. Other outside of Spain consider this karma for the torture the bull goes through as the spears are jabbed into his back during the bullfight.

Travel and the Thirty-Something Midlife Crisis

This post speaks to a lot of people who say: Is this all there is? School, work, apt/house, get married, work work some more until your retire (if you can retire), then die. Have these thoughts crossed your mind? This post is for you.

Crazy cruise: 7 absurdities of the seas

Some things you should consider before your next cruise. Whatever you do, don’t miss the cruise ship’s departure. If you’re in the US, you could held up by an old outdated law that prevents you from boarding the ship any place but the original intended departure point.

How to take your first road trip with a newborn baby

What happens when a happy traveler has a baby? Well nothing really. You should be able to still travel with your new bundle of joy. You have to plan a little more, but having a child does not mean your travels will/should be curtailed. In fact, it can spur you to different places you might not have considered.

TSA Response to “Pushy fliers may show up on TSA’s radar”

There was a story about the TSA creating a list of folks who causes trouble at airports. The initial report brought a rush of questions: Who’s on this list? Who gets to see the list? Will raising your voice or arguing with a TSA agent get you on the list? What are the consequences of being on the list?

The TSA saw all the rumors and tried to correct it in a post on their own blog. You don’t get put on the naughty list unless the police is called or you get arrested at the terminal. Either way, the key is: Behave yourself at the airport and on planes.

Royal Caribbean employee allegedly broke into homes of passengers

You can never tell who you are giving your information to. This travel agent, who actually worked for Royal Caribbean, knew exactly when you’d be out of town on a cruise, and would rob your home.

Top Six Reasons to Fly on Your Summer Vacation Travels

With all the news of fees, delays and lines, some good reasons why you should take off.

Airline Crash Update: Time for a Global Blacklist?

The number of airline fatalities has stopped falling and leveled off. In response many are calling for a global blacklist of airlines that have a higher accident/fatality rate. The European Union already has a blacklist but there is no globally recognized list so far. That might continue until there is a rash of crashes that make people rethink that.

Tips for Avoiding the Masses at National Parks This Summer

For folks who are visiting the US or traveling through, national parks are a great diversion from the big cities. Simple, easy ideas on how to make your national park experience more enjoyable.

6 Bizarre Eating Rituals Around the World

Love this article. Want to get to know a culture? HOW they eat is just as interesting as what they eat. We are different, but we are the same. Just remember to drink some extra soda in Egypt and leave something on the plate in China, amongst other things.

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Candice June 16, 2010 at 12:17 PM

I know you warned me, but I really, really should not have looked at that video.


brian June 16, 2010 at 8:07 PM

Told you!


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Hi! Just ran across your site and then was thrilled to see you’ve linked to our Common Pickpocket Scheme post. Thanks a lot! I’m adding your blog to my RSS ASAP! :)


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