Best Travel Deals and News – June 22, 2010 – What to do in Vegas, Banning Peanuts, Fear Killing the Backpacker, What To Take and Leave On Your Next Trip

by brian on June 22, 2010

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Nutty problems
From loyal reader Karen

First, can I say I sympathize with the peanut allergy sufferers? I do. I really do. With that, what has happened in the past year to make this a point of contention so much so that they want to ban peanuts from flights? How do you enforce that? What about the hungry 5 year old who has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? What about the 55 year old with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups?

What did peanut allergy sufferers do 10 years ago? 1 year ago? Today’s flight? They were super careful and made sure they had their medication in case they were exposed. Why should this change?

Meantime, the pretzel manufacturers are on the sidelines, greedily rubbing their hands together in anticipation of filling the gap if peanuts are denied from the planes. It’s all a conspiracy I tell you!

Men Traveling Alone: 10 Tips

Fellow travel blogger Janice from Solo Traveler wanted to team up with me to write a post geared toward the guy solo traveler. There is so much information for women and geared toward women that men get left out. I would love to say the guys are less concerned for their safety and would take up solo travel faster than women so the men’s market for travel is always taken for granted. But there are some things that men can learn too before they head out.

4 things to take — and leave — when you’re on the road

We tend to overpack, and then we bring home things we don’t need or will never use again. Now it is actually costing you money with checked baggage charges and even carry-on bag fees (I’m looking at you Spirit Air. Waiting for August 1st…)

Too afraid to travel? Are our fears killing off the next generation of backpackers?

The same people who love and protect us also could be the same people holding us back. Is there such a thing as overprotection? The Abby Sunderland story, the 16 year old American who attempted to travel around the world in a sailboat, is a prime example. Some say her parents should be arrested for letting her do that. Some are praising her parents for letting Abby live life on her own terms. Is there something wrong with letting kids make their own mistakes, even if could be a life or death mistake?

Travel Video of the Week
Dubious Achievements in Travel
A nice collection of videos that show some of the strangest/odd/crazy things you’ll see while traveling the world. But like I always say, your strange/odd/crazy is someone else’s everyday occurrence.

Tours4Fun Travel Companion

The folks at Tour4Fun are running a new service on their site that allows you to post a request for partners on a trip. Maybe you’re nervous about traveling solo. Maybe you’re interested in saving some money by splitting costs. Sign up and find a person, or two or three, to go with.

Family Travel, Homeschool, Education & Global Students

Parents say they can’t travel long term because their kids would never get the proper education. Your kids can get a great education on the road. Some would even say the education of a “world child” is even better then a kid who sits in a classroom in the same town for 18 years. The world child will easily have more interesting experiences and a broader perspective on life.

Three Job Fairs, Three Jobs: An International Teacher Hiring Saga

I had no idea Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) had job fairs. I thought getting a job as an English teacher involved writing the school beforehand and hoping and wishing. Even the job fairs are going by the wayside, as Skype, email and videoconferencing make it so much easier to meet and greet without being in a packed hall with hundred of other people vying for the same job.

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! 3 Days, 3 Ways

7 Things to Do in Vegas BESIDES Gamble

Just coincidence that I have two Vegas stories. I love Vegas because it’s a place you can turn your brain off and just experience. I’m sure some Las Vegas resident who has studied the history of the city and knows all the places of cultural interest will say there is more to Vegas than what people come for. But fact is, most folks go for the gambling, the buffets and the shows. These two articles tell you how to do all of that better…with a little culture if you’re into that thing…

Top 10 American Road Trips

Many come to America and don’t just stick to the typical New York/Los Angeles/Vegas/Miami route. Head to any major U.S. national park and you’ll find bus loads of out of country tourists. Between the parks these road trips offer a little bit for everyone, American citizen to foreign tourist. All regions and both coasts represented.

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