Travel Deal and News – July 27, 2010 – Short Term Apt NYC Rental Nixed, Babies on Bikes, Reconstructing an Airline Cabin, Leave Your Grenades at Home

by brian on July 27, 2010

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Photos: Babies on Bikes in Hanoi

Note that it says Babies and not Babes on Bikes. We’re not that type of blog.

Anyway I love these pics of Hanoi because this is pretty representative of Southeast Asia in general. Folks can’t afford cars so motobikes and motorcycles are the main form of transportation. As such, the kids have to get on the bikes too, many times with no head protection. I was nervous for the kids when I first saw this in Cambodia, but kids are perfectly calm on the bikes. You would be too if you were riding on a bike soon after leaving the womb as toddler wedged between your mother and father.

Tips for sending teens on a trip

I’m not so concerned about the tips themselves as I am about sending your teenager abroad. We are not talking about a study abroad program or a summer camp where you are in a structured, supervised environment. We are talking about a 16 year old exploring a country or countries on his/her own. Is that too early? Is that any worse than allowing your kid to travel around the world in sailboat? Or is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, independence and exploration?

Travel Video of the Week

Man Builds Vintage First Class Pan Am Cabin in His Garage

Talk about passion! This man created the cabin of a PanAm aircraft in his garage, even making his own peanut bags with the PanAm logo. When his passion for air travel was sparked as a child, who could have imaginged this. I’m just glad he works for United as an adult. A person with that much love for aircraft SHOULD be putting that love into his work at an airline. He’s someone who probably loves going to work everyday.

Air France flight attendant arrested after thefts

I wrote about the news story of the $5000 stolen in-flight. It intrigued me so much that I wrote another post with examples of in-flight thefts and what we could learn to protect ourselves.

At least we have some closure on the original story – the flight attendant did it! Trust no one in the air. Even your smiling flight attendant serving you your ginger ale could have sticky fingers when you fall asleep…

New York governor approves short-term apartment rental ban in NYC

Really bad news for travelers looking for accommodation bargains in one of the most expensive hotel cities in the world. The main arguments used against short term apartment rental were:
1. they are unregulated and a health hazard, posing problems for neighbors and the visitors themselves
2. they shrink the supply of apartments available for actual residents, keeping rents high and eliminating affordable housing

Most of these issues are related to the single room occupancy (SRO) houses and illegally licensed hostels. But individual homeowners and renters renting to another individual party got swept up in this legislation.

What I think this really is is a victory for the hotel lobbyists who wanted this bill to pass in the worst way. They just eliminated the competition in the form of thousands of apartments and houses in the largest city in the United States.

When the Super Bowl comes to NYC/NJ in 2014, we are going to wish these apartments were available. We can only hope this law is repealed. Paterson will be out of office soon enough and we’ve still got less than four years to go.

Petite passenger booted from Southwest flight

Passenger is on standby with Southwest, pays and gets on the flight, sits in her seat and then gets booted off to accommodate an overweight passenger who could not fit into one seat.


Southwest says they didn’t want to embarrass the overweight passenger who was apparently a 14 year old, so they picked the passenger with the empty seat next to her. The petite passenger didn’t want to be named because she didn’t want to be deemed insensitive but I’d be mad too.

5 Travel Films With Important Life Lessons

Fellow blogger @browngirlsfly had a nice post including a wide range of movies and how they might influence you to travel. Haven’t seen any of these films, not even “Up in the Air”, which most everyone seemed to rave about.

Turkey: An expert decodes where, what, and how to eat

You don’t hear much about Turkey’s food, which is why I love this post. We hear about the architecture, the mixture of cultures, the modern with the old in Turkey. But what about the eats? From this post, sounds delicious.

Fasten Your Seatbelts: United Flight Turbulence Scare Prompts Rash of Safety Warnings

In thinking about my posts since I started this blog, there are a few things I’ve said consistently…
1. Have travel insurance.
2. Hostels are great.
3. Buckle your seat belt even if the sign is off.

Clear air turbulence is harder to detect by radar so don’t count on pilots turning on the seat belt sign before you hit rough air. Next thing you have people hitting the ceiling of the cabin. The only people not injured – those with their seat belts on.

From the article:
“If passengers are seated and properly secured, the risk from turbulence is essentially zero”

Remember this story of a passenger who was paralyzed after being thrown against the ceiling of the cabin during her flight.

Staying at a Ryokan

When you’re in Japan in stead of of hotel, hostel, or even capsule, try the traditional ryokan. Sleeping on the floor and eating a traditional Japanese meal almost feel like it could transport you back to the time of the Shogun…

Some Things Just Shouldn’t Be Taken on a Plane. Especially Grenades.

Even if the grenade is inactive, the TSA security screener does not know this. So beyond the 4 oz of liquid, lighters, knives, swords, guns, nunchucks, and everything else you shouldn’t take to the airport, please remember to leave your grenades, live or not, at home. Thank you.

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Johnny Vagabond July 28, 2010 at 8:26 PM

Thanks for including my babies-on-bikes photos, Brian!


brian August 1, 2010 at 9:30 AM

Great post. Had to get it in there.


Chelle July 29, 2010 at 10:58 AM

Hi Brian,

Hope you’re full of wanderlust and adventure today. Great list of travel news items for the week.

Thanks for sharing the BrownGirlsFly post-luv. I hope your readers enjoy the 5 travel films with life lessons as much as we did.


brian August 1, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Yeah great post. Some movies I had never heard of before. With Eat Pray Love coming soon people are going to think that is the first and last travel movie ever made. Nice to get a wide variety of films and accompanying ideas.


soultravelers3 August 1, 2010 at 4:38 AM

Nice round up, Brian! I enjoyed reading these.


brian August 1, 2010 at 9:33 AM

Thanks! I enjoy putting them together. I always learn something new/fun/interesting/though-provoking and I hope readers do too.


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