Travel Deals and News – July 20, 2010 – Tips for Family Travel, Traveling Honduras, Geek Hotels, Solo Travelers Can Cruise Too

by brian on July 20, 2010

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Europe Without Hotels
From loyal reader Karen

This could have been titled ‘Anywhere without Hotels’ because the principles are the same. You rent an apartment, condo, house or even a single bedroom from a homeowner who has the spare space. The renter gets a comfortable place at a significant discount, the owner get money in his/her pocket. This is a great win/win situation for everyone involved. The hospitality industry doesn’t like it because they are losing business and have started to lobby against it in New York. As the concept picks up steam, except more protests from the industry.

Three Cruise Lines for Solo Travelers

Solo travelers always seem to get the short end of the stick whenever group trips or cruises are involved. Cruises ships are built for two people per cabin and have to charge you the single supplement or double to make for the lost revenue. Cruise lines are now catering to the single traveler with cabins for singles and events and activities to bring them together on board. Just because you board the ship alone doesn’t mean you have to leave alone, and pay an arm and a leg for the experience. The global recession has taught everyone that you have to cater to every market. Solo travelers are usually folks who plan their own trips and normally don’t do cruises. Cruise lines are hoping that changes.

Bangkok update: is it safe to go now?

I posted my thoughts about Thailand before and here is a more recent summary of the situation and one opinion about whether to visit now. It’s a contentious issue depending on who you talk to. It all goes back to the comfort level one feels. As of this writing, things are quiet in Bangkok, but the underlying issues remain.

Travel Video of the Week
Honduran Adventure
Fellow travel blogger Daniela of Diaries of a Backpacker documents her global adventures in video format. Here is her latest, a trip to Honduras. It is amazing that anyone with a computer, some time and a vision can create video that look as good as what you see on broadcast television. Everyone can record in HD with a simple $100 camera.

Order a pizza, become an airport security screener

The sheer number of airports and fliers in the United States means you can’t really be picky when looking for TSA screeners. But to put it on pizza boxes just means you’re looking for someone who is upright and breathing. Not the best way to ensure that our flights are safe or that folks hired will get/comprehend the proper training to make them an effective front line defense for the airways.

15 Practical Tips for Families Traveling Abroad

For all my parents out there (hey Adia!) you’re not stuck only going on road trips or flying within your own country. With a little planning…OK, a little more than a little planning…you can head anywhere in the world. Great practical ideas like power of attorney, letter of consent, what to bring and even schooling if you’re going to be away that long.

The Best Geek Hotels in the World in 2010

I love this post as a geek and I think I’ll have to hit some of these spots myself. My needs are real basic at this point. Free WiFi and a clean bed/room. That’s it. Really. Start me there and everything else is gravy. But some of this stuff is pretty hot. Telescopes for rent for the budding astronomer, flat screen TVs and BlueRay players, Netflix and Hulu. How about using your smartphone to open your door as opposed to a key or swipe card? I could probably write an entire blog post about that…

Best (and Worst) Travel Discount Programs

CityPass is a great deal in major metropolitan areas, granted that you can get enough time to see everything to make it worth the money. This story also goes over other programs to give a yea or nay. As with most blog posts, you’ll find alot of great information in the comments. Take the time and read them. I find you’ll get alot a great tips from the comments generated off the post you’re reading.

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Ivo Stoichev July 27, 2010 at 10:35 AM

I really like the idea about the geek hotels. It’s very innovative and clever, but sadly there aren’t enough geeks so we probably won’t be seeing much of them around. Do you know where I can find statistics about how much of the world considers themselves “geeks” ?
And if I haven’t mentioned it yet – great post.


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