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by brian on August 24, 2010

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How to pick between airlines when you don’t recognize the names
8 Ways to Avoid the Single Supplement as a Solo Traveler

The solo traveler get the single supplement and the looks from others who feel sorry for you for eating by yourself. Travel comapanies and agencies are slowly waking to the fact that there is a whole market that is being neglected and overcharged. Which is driving many solos to book their own way. Travel companies can’t afford to alienate any demographic. Not everyone has a partner or kids to tag along.

Win a pair of 10-Day Global InterRail/Eurail Passes is running a contest for someone to win 10 day passes for the European rail system by merely submitting a photo to their Facebook page. Check out the rules and send in a photos so you can ride the rails for free.

Travel Video of the Week
How to Travel Safely with Children
The one thing I always find funny is the child harness, which always reminds me of walking your dog on a leash. But I guess most parents would rather that then your child disappearing. Forget about the embarrassing look and put your kid on a leash!

The Best Countries for Solo Travelers

If you’re primarily a solo traveler like me, you’re always looking for the best places to go. My mantra has always been that if you want to go somewhere, don’t wait on anyone. Especially you ladies. I understand your concerns of safety, but if you wait for someone else, you might end up waiting forever.

How to pack for a journey with no luggage

Is this possible? Rolf Pitts, one of the best know travel authors, is taking on the challenge of traveling around the world with NO luggage. He’ll be using special clothing with LOTS of pockets, picking up things as he goes along, and generally being ruthless about what he needs to carry, as opposed to want to carry. Great experiment and many of us will learn a lot from his adventure. This was probably conceived in the light of Spirit and other airlines charging tons for luggage, carry-on or not.

Tips for a stress-free flying experience

The keys – plan and get to the airport early. One of the biggest things I do is try to get the first flight out of the airport. The plane has to be on the ground waiting to take off in the morning, so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive from another location. You also avoid the delays associated with incoming flights and weather. Did you know that a thunderstorm in New York and Boston can delay air traffic all over the USA and the world? All those connections and plane deliveries means that if anything gets off schedule many people are affected besides the people on the tarmac.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Spirit Airlines

Oh Spirit Air. You seem to enrage or delight, depending on who you talk to. There is no in between. In terms of PR, you certainly have no peer in the airline industry on this side of the the world. Maybe Ryan Air, in Europe, with their proposals for charging to have people use the bathroom on flights, may be bigger than you in terms of mentioned. Most of the commentary comes from folks who have flown you and who will never will.

If anyone knows if Spirit Airlines has increased revenue/passengers since implementing the carry-on luggage fee, please let us know in the comments.

Seven Solo Female Travel Myths Debunked

I agree with them all, but I think many females would steer you clear of Egypt, which seems to have a severe problem with sexual harrassment of women in general, not just women travelers.

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