Best Travel Deals and News – August 10, 2010 – The New ‘Normal’ in Travel, Traveling with a Wheelchair, Housing Sitting To Save Money

by brian on August 10, 2010

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New Website Calculates ‘True Cost’ of Airfare

The true cost of airfare is not what you see when you book the airfare on the Internet. Baggage fees, taxes, overweight charges and all the various items can add up the double the base price of the ticket. This website tells you how much you will REALLY pay when you book a flight. Know beforehand as opposed to getting the shock at the airport check-in counter, as many of us have experienced.

Shorter vacations? Tighter budgets? Welcome to the new “normal” in travel

The world economy is coming back, but very slowly. While hotel and air tickets bookings are up, people are taking shorter vacations. Nervous about their own finances, the idea seems to be, “I’ll travel, but I won’t travel far and not for too long.”

Travel Video of the Week
Wheelchair Travel Tips – Boarding a Plane & Renting a Car

Travel can be difficult if you’re able-bodied. Imagine trying to travel around in a wheelchair. Not impossible, but definitely more challenging with its own set of problems to overcome. Great video where Mark shows how he checks-in, boards the plane and get his car rental with helpful tips along the way.

How to Maximize Limited Time on an International Trip

You have two real choices: Go full blast in a short period of time and hit as many locations as possible. Or stay in one place and go in depth. There are pros and cons to both and it really depends on what you really want to do. I did my round the world trip using the fast as you can method and I am happy I did it that way because I saw everything I really wanted to see. The trains of Tokyo, Muy Thai in Bangkok, The Louvre in Paris and so on. The next time on the road, I would try to stay places two weeks or longer. Going in depth in a place would bring a whole new set of experiences, even if you’ve visited before.

Digital Video 101 – A play-by-play guide to making movies you’ll actually want to watch when you get home

Everyone has a video camera, whether it is a ‘real’ standalone or the one built into your smartphone/cellphone. How do you get decent travel video that you are not ashamed to show your family and friends? This video (coincidentally enough) shows you how.

More destinations shut the door on vacation rentals

New York City banned the renting of space in houses unless the owner is in the home with the renters. More towns and cities are looking at concept and may try to ban it locally.

How Long Can You Travel on $1,000?

The short answer: As long as you can stretch it.
The long answer: It requires some work and planning, but $1000 can absolutely go long and far.

Did you know the Pentagon is open for public tours?

I would never think the Pentagon would open but it is. Many folks don’t know that the White House is open for tours too. Be prepared to have your background checked out if you’re planning either one of these tours. Have something questionable in your check and they probably won’t let you in.

Sitting House: How to Get House Sitting Jobs Abroad 

House sitting is one of the best ways to save while traveling. And it is not just for folks who are traveling long term. If you can house sit for two weeks that is two weeks of hotel/hostel costs that you can avoid. Great links in the post.

The Costs – And Savings – of Traveling Alone

How much you can save when you travel really depends on what you do, not where you go. Someone who goes to New York could spend much less than someone who goes to Thailand. Thailand is traditionally thought to be the cheaper destination in general, but if you’re spending money on fancy hotels and animal tours, you may be better off in “expensive” Tokyo walking around and taking in free attractions.

Free Local New York City Guides

I talked about Big Apple Greeters and there is a possibility that this program and those like it around the world could be cut back or even terminated because of budget cuts. Even though the guides are free there is a whole support network behind it that has costs associated with it.

Yuck! Smoking in Europe

While the USA has clamped down on smoking in public places and levied high taxes on cigarettes, in Europe and from my personal experience Japan, smoking is as common as breathing. In Tokyo you still have to ask smoking or non-smoking. Sometimes you don’t even get than and then end up chewing tobacco smoke with your yakitori or okonomiyaki.

How To Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

The big problem with travel is the fear factor. How can you use all these great tips on if you can’t even buy the ticket and get to the airport?

Five Ways to Score Luxury Travel Deals

Luxury can be cheap, if you’re willing to do the legwork and be in the right place and the right time. Nice resources in this post.

Bonus Video
Battle at Kruger

This video has over 50 million views on Youtube and for good reason. It shows the Circle of Life played out at an African waterhole. A young buffalo gets attacked by a pride of lions and it looks like game over for the buffalo. Look for the surprise ending in this one.

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Audrey August 11, 2010 at 4:02 AM

Thanks for highlighting our piece on traveling outside your comfort zone. I completely agree that the fear factor keeps a lot of people from traveling. But, after overcoming that, one needs to figure out how to get on the road.


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