Best Travel Deals and News – September 21, 2010 – Your First Time on a Flight, Round the World Planning Mistakes, Stretching Your Money in South America

by brian on September 21, 2010

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My First Flight

So do you remember your first time? You were nervous. You didn’t know what to expect. I’m not talking about THAT first time, but your first flight. I can’t remember mine, but I’m pretty sure it was to the Caribbean. The one flight I do remember from my childhood was when we hit severe turbulenace and people were screaming and luggage was dropping from the overhead. Thankfully that didn’t scar me for life and prevent me from flying. Maybe that made me want to travel more. Maybe I thought it was a fun amusement ride. Ah, the innocence of babes…

Referred by loyal reader Karen

You may actually assume that one method of transportation is automatically cheaper than the other. Even if you didn’t there was no easy way to compare prices…until now. GetSet is a US based product that still looks early in its development, but has the potential to really allow you to compare all of your options, and not just compare airline to airline. Does renting a car or taking Greyhound make more sense? Sometimes it does.

The site does not seem to fully support the bus option yet, but I’m sure that will come along at some point.

Travel Video of the Week
Indie Travel Podcast – Ghent, Belgium
Out friends at the Indie Travel Podcast post video all the time and this one is a short piece on Ghent. You may not have heard of it and if you haven’t it’s a nice intro to the city. Enjoy!

10 Common RTW Planning Mistakes

The biggest planning mistake: thinking that you can’t afford it. Once you get up and start looking and realize that most anyone can buy a round the world ticket, these other tips will help you maximize the time and money you do have.

Strategies to Stretch Your Dollar in South America

South America is not as INexpensive as you think. Large cities and large distances over rough terrain means that the continent is not as cheap as Southeast Asia. But as with everything else, if you do enough research there is a way around everything. This article compiles some of that information for you.

Even McDonald’s is getting annoyed by airline fees

When large Fortune 500 corporations say they don’t like fees because they can’t accurately and manage travel costs, what does that mean for the average traveler on a limited budget who doesn’t have billions of dollars of revenue behind them?

10 great travel freebies around the world

From Amsterdam to Rio to Chicago, free stuff around the world for you to do.

Free Admission to Museums Nationwide

If you’re in the States, take advantage of what happens in London and the rest of the UK all the time: free access to museums. This will be only one day – September 25. For instance in New York City, the Intrepid, the Queens Botanical Garden, the Studio Museum in Harlem and South Street Seaport Museum as well as many others will be free for one day.

8 Reasons For a Family World Trip

Round the world travel or long term travel is mostly seen as a solo/single person trip. But what if you’re a couple with kids? Is this out the realm for you? Certainly not and the Soultravelers are living proof of that. They are a married couple with a pre-teen daughter that has been on the road continuously for 5 years. Their tips on why you should do it may apply to you.

Tips for surviving long haul flights with young children

More with kids. When drugging your kids is not an options, try some of these suggestions.

Learn to Shoot Photos in Low Light

We want the best shots in less than ideal conditions for taking photos. Here are some ideas on how to do that. Note that this does not mean that you must buy a super expenisve camera. Your camera that has served you well over the years is probably just fine. It may mean you need to use the many features you probably aren’t using now. Put your camera model number in a search engine and look for the operating manual. You’ll probably discover some things you may have never realized.

Top 10 Health and Beauty Tips for Travelers

One of the most interesting things: For my fair skinned friends, wear your UV protection not only at the beach at your tropical destination, but also on the airplane at 35,000 feet up. You’re getting a direct dose of sun and airplane windows don’t completely protect you from ultraviolet light. Wash your hands, drink water, try to get sleep and you’re halfway to staying upright and out of the way of hospitals when you travel.

The world’s least expensive cities in 2010

I can personally vouch for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A full service sitdown lunch/dinner for 3 can be $10-15. You’re not getting steak and lobster but you are getting a full belly, which is more important than a fancy pants meal when you’re traveling. Use that money for something else.

Illegal Wildlife Trade: 11 Of The Dumbest Animal Smugglers (PHOTOS)

Is it really worth stuffing snakes or birds down your pants? The potential payoff does not seem to be worth the potential jail time.

How To Make Money While You Travel

Difficult but certainly not impossible. Read on if you’re planning on not coming home or want to travel as long as you can.

Pop-Tarts Store Pops Up in NYC

Times Square used to be a den of seedy shops and women offering ‘a good time’. Now better known as the home of national chain restaurants, street vendors hawking wares (legally or illegally) and tickets for tours and Broadways show, it adds one more attraction. I would not even call this odd because this is New York after all.

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