Best Travel Deals and News – September 7, 2010 – Get Paid to Fly, How to Avoid Bedbugs, Renting Cars Abroad, Air Fares Are Going Back Up

by brian on September 7, 2010

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Does your hotel have bedbugs? Check this registry

International travel has brought the world together. It also means that bedbugs can hop a trans-Pacific flight and follow you from San Francisco to Tokyo. Talk about a travel buzz kill, waking up with dozens of red, itchy bites across your body. Avoid them if you can and check out this unofficial site that lists reports of bedbugs.

36 Hours in Silicon Valley

Geeks like me may be the only ones who think that Silicon Valley in California would be worthy of a tourist visit, but the NYTimes brought it mainstream with a timely article about places to go in the Valley. Want to see the bar where the engineer left the prototype iPhone 4? Listed here, as well as how to see the headquarters of Apple, Google and other tech heavyweights.

Travel Video of the Week
OK this is not actually a video, but do I need to post a video after I’ve found this? I don’t think so.

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Feeding ALL the children

Chouthi Bai breastfeeds her twenty-day-old pet calf in her residence at Kilchu village, near Bikaner, in the desert Indian state of Rajasthan August 21, 2010. Bai has become an attraction in Kilchu village and receives many visitors curious to see her caring for her pet.

For other photos from around the world, click here for the Strange and Unusual from Reuters.

Alone With Everybody: Why I Don’t Get Lonely When I Travel Solo

I think the author put it perfectly when she says that you have nothing to cling to when you are traveling solo. That was one of the biggest questions I got when I was on my round the world trip: Weren’t you lonely? And I always say no, how could I be? I had to interact with people all the time to eat, to get to the airport, to see the sights of wherever I was. You can be in a city of millions and be ‘lonely’ or you can be in a town of 10 and completely occupied with the people and place that you are. Lonely all depends on you really.

When Renting Cars Abroad, It’s Renter Beware

I rarely rent a car abroad unless I know the area. There are so many things that can happen and things that you don’t know about that I I’d try to avoid the situation all together. Also dealing with unscrupulous law enforcement who will have you pay ‘fines’ so that you can keep driving. Rare yes, but it happens.

New York: 7 free outdoor adventures

In a city that you can never run out of things to do, more things to do. Coney Island always seems to be under threat of closing, so definitely check it out when you can. Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs and the Cyclone rollercoaster are great reasons. The beach at Coney Island? Meh…not so much.

Baggage Handler Accused of Large-Scale Theft at Phoenix Airport

And yet another reason to have just a carry-on when you travel by air.

After Bargains of Recession, Air Fares Soar

The world economy is coming back, slowly but surely. People can pay their mortgages and credit card bills and now have a little more disposable income for travel. The law of supply and demand dictates that when demand rises, prices rise. The time of stupid cheap airfares may be over.

Airline fees keep arriving, nonstop

American Airlines charges a “nusiance fee” as the article calls it, for you to sit in the front rows of the plane. More people are trying to get these seats, not only to be the first off the plane, but also to guarantee that you have room for your carry-on bags. Don’t you hate it when you’re in 11C and your bags end up above 19D because there was no room above your seat?

Ship of fine print: 7 clauses to beware of in your cruise contract

Have you read the clauses in the cruise contract when you sign up for sailing the seas? After reading this article you may not want to be on a cruise ever again.

For instance, wonder why ships are registered in Panama or Liberia? Because the less stringent laws of those countries applies on the the cruises ships, as opposed to a country like the United States where the cruise ship may dock in.

I’d probably have more confidence in the justice system in the US as opposed to Liberia. Exactly the reason why cruise lines register their ships there, to reduce their liability if they are sued.

Dream Job Alert! Finnair Wants ‘Quality Hunters’ to Fly Around the World

Need a job? FinnAir is hiring 4 people to travel on the their flights and rate the service, cleanliness, flight attendants, etc. Get paid to fly!

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