Best Travel Deals and News – September 28, 2010 – Dancing Flight Attendants, Bad Side of Long Term Travel, Flying with Small Kids, Frustration in China, How to Get Airline Upgrades

by brian on September 28, 2010

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Tarmac-delay rule gives air travelers more respect

After a JetBlue flight was held 9 hours on a runway in New York with little food or water and poor bathroom conditions, a groundswell of support for a “Passengers Bill of Rights” came about. This is one of the effects. Passengers do not worry about waiting on the tarmac for takeoff. Airlines know that they will be heavily fined on a flight held for 3 hours or more. More flights are being cancelled, but at least fliers are back at the terminal, where they can wait comfortably or make other arrangements.

Vegas hotels want you to pimp their deals on Twitter to get rewards

Send out a bunch of tweets for a company and you may get rewards for it. Why that any different that someone paying you to keep a sign on your car? I don’t think it is that much different. If your Twitter followers don’t like it they can/will unfollow you.

Travel Video of the Week
Cebu Airlines Dancing Flight Attendants
If you want passengers to pay attention to your safety demonstrations, you better do something unusual. I do believe this counts as unusual…

15 Ways to Fly Like a VIP (Without Paying VIP Prices)

Some of these tips are counterintuitive, like travel at peak times with the hopes of being bumped to the next flight with better seats, maybe even some cash in your pocket for your troubles. Not all the other tips are that unorthodox, but you’ve got to be willing to do some new things to get the coveted upgrades.

Time to Tell the Truth – China was the most Frustrating Travel Experience of my Life

Travel is not always perfect and stressfree. This was so the case with this traveler, who’s experience in China was marred by two main issues – a language barrier and a food barrier – she is a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian can be difficult anywhere but to be in a country where there always seems to be some type of animal on your dish must throw you off. If you have allergies or food you won’t eat, read her article to see how she got around it and never had a problem ordering a meal again.

Five Hard Truths About Long-Term Travel

While long term travel is the dream for many, it does have it’s drawbacks. I’d be willing to say the pros outweigh the cons and I’d bet other long terms travelers would say the same. But you should go in with your eyes wide open.

iPhone? Fly often? Use Delta, AA iPhone apps and win a million frequent flyer miles

Frequent flyer miles are harder to accumulate and redeem but American and Delta Airlines are trying to give you a chance to jumpstart your opportunity for free tickets, upgrades and all the advantages of lots of miles. The catch is that you must use their iPhone apps, which means they will be able to collect information on you to sell you more tickets.

Top 5 Countries to Visit on the U.S. State Department’s Warning List

The US State Department’s warnings should be looked at but always taken with a grain of salt. The five countries listed are all interesting and beautiful in their own right, but have some type of internal strife that would scare off a lot of travelers. Nothing to be ashamed of, but always try to understand the circumstances and see whether they apply to you.

How To Travel For Free in the U.S.A.

Sure there is such a thing as free transportation in the United States. You just have to know where to look for it. Well… now you know where to look.

Flying Safely With Small Children

Passengers are not required to buy seats for children until they turn 2 and airlines do not charge passengers for checking car seats to use on planes. So why don’t more parents use this to their advantage to protect children on flights? Probably because the odds of something happening are so small that they feel it is not worth the hassles of carrying a car seat with a small human who can alternate between drooling, screaming and cooing at any moment.

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