Best Travel Deals and News – October 26, 2010 – Pay The Airline Fees, How Not To Die When Traveling Abroad, Visit Ethiopia, Traveling While Fat

by brian on October 26, 2010

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7 Annoying Airlines Fees Actually Worth Paying This Holiday Travel Season
You’ll have a hard time convincing me that any additional fee is good to pay. Maybe the extra legroom on a long haul flight is worthwhile. But why would you pay extra to get OFF the flight first? I like to get on first when departing to make sure I can get my carry-on in an overhead bin near me.

What’s the No. 1 killer of U.S. travelers when they go abroad?

I always recommend NOT renting a car and driving in a foreign country. For most of us it is just not worth it. And while you may have dreams of driving through the French or English countryside or the Australian outback, why deal with the hassle of navigating new roads, driving on the ‘wrong’ side and deciphering signs in a foreign language?

Travel Video of the Week
Pilot Refuses Full-Body Scan

I don’t understand what his problem is. You refuse the full-body machine. Fine. But why refuse the pat-down? You have to do one or the other. I hate people who hide behind this whole “our rights are being taken away”. Everybody gets the full treatment. I guess this guy wants to lose his job. The TSA is not going to change policy for him.

Ethiopia enthralls with rich history abundant wildlife

One of those places off the radar that is on no one’s list, but one of the best stops on my round the world trip. Missed those posts? Here’s one. And other one. And one more.

The Tricks and Trials of Traveling While Fat

I love this author’s good nature and humor about his status as an overweight traveler being in a “normal” person’s world. I truly appreciate his situation and cringe at his being embarrassed, both accidentally and intentionally.


Having been squeezed in transportation next to a large person, they should be required to buy two seats. Period. Being mashed against a window or arm rest because the person next to you overflows into your seat is not the way you want to spend a flight, bus or train trip.

How to avoid bedbugs when you’re in a hotel

Bedbugs are becoming the new four letter word of travel. Here in New York City, pricey hotels like the Waldorf are being accused of harboring the little buggers and they are showing up in retail stores like the big Niketown retail store off of 5th Avenue. The best you can do is have your own little inspection when you enter your accommodations. You may want to spray down your bedding if you’re really paranoid about it.

Q&A: New York City on a Tight Budget

NYC is my town. And I’d love for you to come by and visit. So use these tips and and drop by.

Just remember to stay to the right when you’re walking down the sidewalk and stay out of the way of New Yorkers who walk at warp speed.

Best Credit Cards for Travelers

A good analysis of credit cards that keep more money in your pocket, not take it out. There is alot to think about when you choose the plastic, so read on to get some ideas on what to look for.

It’s OK. Don’t feel guilty… How to AVOID Children While Traveling

This is one of those things people won’t say aloud but you’re thinking it. You see the little 3 year old run down the aisle of the plane screaming and you’re praying she and her family don’t sit near you. Or you’re walking to the hotel’s pool, see a family of five with the kids splashing around and you search for another pool where you can relax in peace. Don’t feel bad. Some of us love kids but don’t want to deal with them on vacation. Some of us are parents and don’t won’t to deal with other people’s kids on vacation!

50 secrets your pilot won’t tell you

Great read! Do you know what blue juice, landing lips, spinners and a “George” is? Find out the airline lingo and other things the pilots talk about in this interesting article.

Ditch the Guidebook: 8 Alternative Trip Planning Resources

Related to the discussion about guidebooks going the way of the dodo bird. If that’s the case then what are people using to plan their trips? The answer is heavily related to the Internet and our phones, in particular our smartphones. Blackberry, iPhones and Android are revolutionizing every thing they touch and that definitely includes travel.

8 Signs That You’re a Too Cheap Traveler

I saw this and thought about my post about my hotel in Cambodia and me getting annoyed over $1. Some of you thought it was good that I was standing up for myself, some of you thought I was a cheap bastard.

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