Best Travel Deals and News – October 5, 2010 – Why Don’t More Airlines Follow JetBlue, Mobiles on Airplanes,

by brian on October 5, 2010

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Mobile Phones Should be Allowed on Airplanes

Umm I don’t know. Depending on who you talk to, phones on planes are perfectly fine and the current ban is an overreaction, or they will cause planes to fall from the skies. My concern is not even the safety of the plane, it’s the safety of the pasenger who keeps yapping the entire flight. On a bus or train you eventually get off or can possibly move to a different seat. You could be stuck on a plane for hours in the same seat listening to someone talk about what they are getting at the grocery store. Air rage is coming folks. Do we really want that?

9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Frequent Flyer Status

The frequent flyer question is one that constantly comes up, whether it is worth it or not to even sign up and jump through hoops to collect those points. If you do decide to do it, here are some ideas on how to maximize those points.

Travel Video of the Week
Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: Privacy a price to pay for travel ticket?
9/11 has changes so many things. Is there is any doubt had terrorists NOT hijacked those planes that we would not be talking about this? The technology is allowing more and more of what was once science fiction move into the realm of possibility. But does this prevent terrorism/illegal immigration or merely inconvenience the 99.99% of travelers who don’t have bad intentions.

7 Ways to Offset Your Round-the-World Travel Expenses

That is always the big quetion isn’t it? If you don’t have much money to begin with, you don’t want to run out of cash while you’re in the middle of your grand adventure. There are ways to offset the cost of round the world travel. Just using your imagination and the skills you already have and you can travel indefinitely, as some people are doing right now.

The Last Day of AYCJ: Will There Be a 2011 Pass?

The JetBlue “All You Can Jet” pass SEEMS to be a success. We can never really tell because JetBlue won’t release the exact numbers of flyers who took them up on their offer to fly them wherever JetBlue goes for one set price for one month. Lots of excitement and buzz over the price and the unique opportunity provided by the deal. My question is: Why don’t more airlines do this? You’ll see packages like this to travel around Europe or Asia, but not in North America. If someone knows of a program for the USA/North America please let us know in the comments. If there is one that exists they sure are not doing a good job of letting people know about it.

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