Best Travel Deals and News – October 12, 2010 – Staying Healthy in India, NYC Bike Tours, Free Things To Do In Rome, Visit Iceland

by brian on October 12, 2010

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At home in Harlem, amen to that

I love when people step out of the their comfort zones to see if what they heard is what they actually experience. An Australian mother and son explore New York with Big Apple Greeters and experience Harlem in a whole new way. To put it mildly, they were pleasantly surprised.

Are guidebooks facing extinction?

With the web available from anywhere with WiFi and cellphones and paper books sometimes being outdated the day after they are after released, is this is the end of the travel guidebook? Or does the guidebook merely become complimentary to other means of information for travelers?

Travel Video of the Week
How One Airline Tries NOT To Lose Your Luggage
You’re not checking luggage so this video won’t interest you right? But if you are, and you wonder what airlines do to make sure that your baggage does not end up in Mumbai while you’re in Tokyo, you’ll want to watch.
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How to Travel in India and NOT Get Sick

Don’t drink the water, No. 1 pretty much everywhere. Not even ice cubes. But this author takes it a step farther and pretty says you have to write everything off, including meat, cheese, fish and dairy.

I got sick in Egypt my last day there, even after having everything screened by the tour group I was with, not eating street food and drinking bottled water.

I love the pic of the girl curled up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor. Sometimes it feels like death would be better than the pain in your gut.

A Reality TV Show — Seeks To Make A FlyerTalker a Star

Do you track your frequent flyer miles like you track the mileage on your car or balance your checkbook? Do you make a 45 minute flight so you can get bonus mileage points? Then you can be on TV! Hey every other attention hound seems to get a show for doing less. Why can’t you?

How to tour New York City by bicycle

Skip the subway? Skip the yellow cab? NYC by bike? Umm yeah you can. I will say that there was a recent report that says the bikes lanes in NYC may be the cause of vehicle/bike accidents, as opposed to preventing them. So if you tour by bike, make sure you have that helmet on and your travel insurance is paid up.

Tripadvisor reviews: can we trust them?

I recommend looking at sites where fellow travelers talk about places that you can plan on going. But some companies try to game the system by writing their own reviews, or paying others to do so. Or they go as far as….

Hotel ousts couple after accusing them of writing negative TripAdvisor review

WTH? You’re going to kick me out because I wrote a review about you? And it turns out this couple did NOT write the review. If the hotel management was worried about bad publicity, they have it in spades now.

Rome: 25 free things to see and do

Wish I had this list when I was in Roma. I did all the usual things, but there is always a subset of attractions that are just off the beaten path, offer a unique experience at low/no cost and not many people know about. You always want to get to those.

Rome day trip: Bomarzo’s Monster Park

Speaking of Rome, one of the more interesting day trips. Never heard of the place before but the pics are incredible.

Handy ATM tips for travelers abroad

Banks in Europe have bank cards with chips in them so their ATMs are not always compatible with American bank cards that don’t have the electronic chips. This is one of the issues you have to address when you head over to Europe. How to address that and other ATM concerns internationally when traveling in the article.

10 Reasons to Visit Iceland Now

In the New York City subway you’ll see ads for Iceland, with airfare and hotel packages at rockbottom prices. After the country’s economic meltdown in 2008, they have been trying extremely hard to get visitors to the country. The name alone just makes it sound cold. ICE-land. But I have been assured there is plenty to do there. If you’re the type of person to head somewhere because no one you know would go there, this might be your next passport stamp.

40th Anniversary of Wheeled Luggage

Wheeled luggage is like so many other simple ideas. You can’t believe no one thought of it before. I like my backpack but luggage with wheels has helped many a person lugs their personal items through airports, bus terminals and train stations all over the world.

How to Visit New York City on $99 a Day

Can’t get around it. New York City can be expensive, but there are some nice things to do on a budget. One thing that they didn’t mention: the Staten Island Ferry. It’s free and the trip from the southern tip of Manhattan to Staten Island and back gives you great views of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

Airlines see surge in percentage of fliers booking hotels on their websites

Airlines have learned that they can book more flights if they can get you a great price on a package deal that includes your hotel, even a rental car and other goodies. It can be the case that there are TOO many options and when given the chance for a simple choice that includes everything, consumers would go for that.

It’s been 81 years since the first inflight movie was shown

The in-flight entertainment systems are getting fancier with more more ptions and travelers are bringing their own distractions with iPods, netbooks, laptops and game players. But there was a time that if you had a 6 hour flight, you had nothing else to do but to twiddle your thumbs or look at the in-flight magazine, wondering who would buy THAT from the Skymall catalog.

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