Best Travel Deals and News – November 2, 2010 – Booking Holiday Flights, Visit Cambodia, How to Get on the No-Fly List, Too Old to Backpack

by brian on November 2, 2010

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Hotels to ditch front desks in the next three years

I think it is cool. Some people think it disrupts the hotel desk clerk/hotel guest relationship. Whatever. As long as my room is delivered as promised, clean and no strange charges on my bill at the end of my stay, I’m good.

20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling Around the World for 3 Years

Gary Arndt wrote this guest post about his experiences traveling around the world many times over. The lessons he gives I think most long term travelers, myself included would agree with.

Vast majority of people in the world are NOT trying to kill you – I’m looking at you fellow Americans…
Don’t worry about the language. Most people want to practice their English and are glad to talk to you.
Traveling does not have to be expensive. That’s the reason I started this blog. In fact, it can be cheaper to be in some parts of the world than being in your home country. Remember my $7 a night hotel room?

Travel Video of the Week
A Portait of Cambodia
The images in the video reminded so much of my own time there I had to include it this week. No dialouge, just music accompanying scenes from the people and things that make Cambodia such a interesing place to visit, far different from what many people imagine.

Cambodia from properniceinnit on Vimeo.

10 Reasons to Take a Football Tour in Rio

As we call it in the States, soccer is really the world’s sport and I can’t think of a better way to experience it than in the country that may be the most frenzied about it. I think folks who can’t appreciate it (myself included) might see it differently if we saw it the way passionate fans do. Watching it on TV just doesn’t do it for the person who had no interest in it to begin with.

How An iPad Got A Guy Placed On The No-Fly List

I think the take away lesson here is this: When the flight attendants tells you to put away the electronic devices, put them away, no matter how ridiculous you think the rule is. Even if they are not consistent about the reasoning, if that is the law, just deal with it and finish that email when you’re on the ground.

And even if he didn’t get placed on the no-fly list, I can see him getting arrested for ‘disrupting the flight’. Steven Slater would still have a job if he kept his cool and let the authorities handle the situation with the passenger he cursed as opposed to sliding down the emergency chute. Shoot, I promised myself I would not mention that name again….

When Are You Too Old to Backpack?

The short answer – as long as you can walk on your own two feet, you are never too old. As the author states, backpacking, much like many things in life, is a state of mind.

Hotels Look to Shield Themselves from Dishonest Online Reviews

The biggest target for hotels is TripAdvisor, with their large database of hotels and reviews from travelers. I trust the general consensus of 500 reviewers more than I do that of 5 people. It is easy for an annoyed traveler to create a malicious and false entry to right a perceived wrong. Or for a hotel down the street to write a bad review of their competitor. So take the online reviews with a grain of salt. But if you consistenly hear the same thing like from a large sampling of people, go with that. What is a large sampling? You’ve got to feel that out as you read.

Finding Serendipity: How to Make Your Travels More Exciting

Saying YES to something that completely scares you is the best way to move forward in travel and in life. We don’t grow without new experiences. Calm the voices trying to talk you out of it and say yes.

Choosing the Best Frequent Flyer Program

This is always a tough question and you really have to do you homework because there are so many options. Thankfully this article gives you a baseline of things you should be looking for.

Airport security: TSA changes pat-down technique but offers few details

People are complaining that if you refused the full body scanners that the pat-downs amount to a sexual assault at the airport terminal. Is it really that bad? Has anyone been through the patdown and felt that the TSA screeners took it too far? Let us know in the comments below.

Royal Caribbean passengers arrested for smuggling heroin in shoes

It makes sense that this would be going on. And if folks were only caught now, I’m sure it’s been going on for years. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but the screening for passengers boarding a cruise ship is not as rigorous as a plane.

5 tips to avoid the chaos of French strikes

Unless you follow European news and politics, you may not have known there are been demonstration in France over pensions. There have been some disruptions to services, but nothing to necessarily make you cancel your trip. You need to be aware just so that things can go as smoothly as they possibly can.

11 Tourist Mistakes in Venice and how to avoid them

I think these tourist mistakes can really apply anywhere you go. The number one for me is traveling too fast. I mean if you have no choice you have no choice. But it is always best to spend as much time as you can in one location/region. Overpacking is another cardinal sin travelers need to get away from.

Can a girl fresh out of high school travel Africa overland for a year? Alone?
Yes you can. Respect for someone so young to have the guts to cross Africa over land right after high school. The type of kid to do this is no ordinary person.

10 of the Most Misused Words on Travel Blogs

OK I’m guilty of using some of the words listed. Sue me.

Cargo Plane Bomb Scare Could Mean More Angst at Airport Checkpoints

The recent packages found to contain explosives will inevitably mean that some new regulations will come down and affect us all. But even more important in the article, November 1 is the first date that the name on your ticket and your passport or other form of identiifcation has to match exactly. I don’t know if they would go as far as to deny the right to board your flight, but you might be in for a rude awakening. Just take note of how your name appears in your passport or ID and make sure any future tickets match exactly.

Top 10 Tips for Booking Holiday Flights

The holidays are fast approaching and now is the time to book. Wait any longer and you might be forced to pay a higher price or be shutout of reservations that are more convenient for you. Remember to try to travel on the holiday days themselves. Take that flight on December 25 or January 1. You may be able to get a cheaper fare and have fewer fellow passengers to deal with.

9 creative ways to save for vacation

The key is automation. Get that direct deposit and let the computer do it all for you. Don’t look at the account and don’t use the money until you’re ready to go. I talked about saving money for travel before and the basic concepts are still the same.

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