Best Travel Deals and News – November 23, 2010 – TSA Slogans, Visiting Cambodia, Airport Screeners POV, Flying for Thanksgiving, Win a Trip to Blog in Asia

by brian on November 23, 2010

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Flying for Thanksgiving? You’ll want this last minute advice
If I may here are my top 3 things you can do
Get there early! Get there early! Get there early!
Empty your pockets
Please take out the lip ring, hair pins and navel piercings BEFORE you get to security.

TSA forces cancer survivor to show prosthetic breast
There is no good way to do this is there? The reason for the ‘enhanced pat-downs” is that testing showed the previous methods could not catch every possible threat you can take aboard a flight. But that means that the vast majority of the public who are not terrorists is subject to examination needed to catch a handful of people. There is no good middle ground here.

Travel Video of the Week
TSA Message to Travelers
Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. The head of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is speaking on this video. I do believe it was to combat the confusion among fliers about what they could expect when they got to the airport. I did not know that you can have someone else witness your pat-down in a private room if you choose so.

50 people on Twitter who are inspiration to the travel industry
Full Disclosure: I’m on this list. 49 other travelers and myself tweet so that we can share stories, inform, entertain and hopefully get you out there too. Maybe you’ll be on the next list.

TSA Enhanced Pat Downs : The Screeners Point Of View
In all the hoopla surrounding pat-downs and body scanners, no one has heard from the average TSA employee, the one who has their hands between your breasts or on your thighs. They are getting yelled at by irate passengers while they have to get up close and personal with dozens of people a day. Here are their stories.

I will say that looking at the comments of readers after the story show no sympathy for the TSA agents. Most go along the lines of “You chose this job” or “You’re a tool of the government”.

Would you like to blog Asia?
Asian restaurant chain is sending a blogger on an all-expense paid trip to Asian countries with the company’s chefs to sample food and find new ideas for their menu. Oh yeah and they give you 10K. There are alot of requirements so be sure to read them all carefully so you don’t disqualify yourself.

New TSA Bumper Stickers
Just funny.

BONUS – Travel Video of the Week
TSA’s enhanced security spurs US ‘airport rage’
From our friends in Taiwan who know how to summarize any newsworthy issue in a 2 minute video. If you’ve been under a rock for the last few weeks, here is the controversy over TSA patting down fliers.

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