The Aftermath of National Opt Out Day – What a TSA Enhanced Pat-Down Looks Like – The Truth About Airport Body Scanners?

by brian on November 29, 2010

The expected protest over the TSA’s full-body scanners and enhanced pat-downs seems to have completely fizzled. But not necessarily for the reasons you think. Many reports say that the full-body scanners at many airports were turned OFF for Thanksgiving Eve.

So was the TSA not concerned about an explosive getting on board a flight during one of the biggest flight days of year or are the full-body scanners not really needed at all?? If you can turn them off one day can’t you turn them off everyday? Hmmmm….

Rick Seaney of went to LAX and went throught the pat-down and the body scan. He was able to record it for the cameras. Once you get past the initial commercial in the video, you can see what you may experience the next time you head to the airport.

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People worried about TSA agents having some fun with your photos? These are outlines of your body. Nothing recognizable in the traditional sense will be available.

The concern about radiation – That could be a legitimate concern, especially for people who have/had cancer or in some type of chemotherapy right now. Pilots, flight attendants and frequent fliers who would be subject to the screenings many more times than the average traveler may be concerned. But this is like the debate about whether cell phones cause cancer. We really won’t know the answer for another 10-20 years.

The TSA is really on top of social media and is out there on Twitter and with their own blog. They address what they deem myths about pat-down and full body scanners here at TSA Myth or Fact: Leaked Images, Handcuffed Hosts, Religious Garb, and More!

So…everyone says that the USA should follow the Israeli model of airport screening. Highly trained professionals who look for physical and psychological signs that you may be a problem rather than being as invasive as a full body scan or a pat-down – Why the Israeli airport security model can’t work for the U.S.

And finally there have been rumblings about moving screening not from just airports, but all types of public transportation within the United States. Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said we may have to secure other points of public transportation. She never outright said that full-body scanners and/or pat-downs would be deployed in new places. Check the video here and skip to 12:28 of the video.

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