Best Travel Deals and News – November 30, 2010 – Which Airports Have Full-Body Scanners, Why You Should Get Away from Your Family for the Holidays, Tips for Traveling Couples, Solo Travel Safety Tips

by brian on November 30, 2010

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Happiness May Mean Not Being Home for the Holidays

Need another reason to get away? How about your sanity? Some of you dread the holidays because you have to be around family that you can’t get along with or just plain can’t stand. Do yourself a favor and get away. Give your family enough advance notice to realize that you won’t be there and take off to some place far away…or at least far away from them.

Tips for Traveling Couples

Want to bring you and your boo together? Go someplace neither one of you have been. No one in the couple has the advantage of knowing more than the other and NEW experiences will give you plenty to share and talk about. Build the bonds while traveling.

Travel Video of the Week
Solo Travel Safety Tips
Safety of solo travelers, especially of solo females, is always a top concern, and one of the biggest reasons many won’t travel. But I like to say that if you’re waiting for a friend or family member to come along, you may never leave. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your next trip alone. There are never guarantees in life. Just prepare as best you can, and take the trip you’ve always wanted.
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10 Days in Japan With No Bags: Final Thoughts

If you’re not doing anything formal, it is quite possible to travel without any baggage, checked or carry-on. That is probably an extreme for most people but it just goes to show how much we overpack to begin with. When it isn’t clothes we are starting to get bogged down with electronics. Cell phones, laptops, netbooks, iPads and tablets, all things that need to be tracked and have their own travel cases and chargers.

If you’re on this list, you won’t get screened by the #TSA – Do you qualify?

The list grows longer and longer as individuals and interest groups say that they shouldn’t have to be screened. OK, but who’s controlling the list and where do you draw the line?

Ask a Critic of the T.S.A. to Suggest His Own Method for Thwarting Terrorism in the Skies, and You’ll Usually Be Met with Utter Silence

Are you a chicken or fine with living in terror if you support the TSA and their methods for screening passengers? Apparently you are, if you read some of the comments on Arthur Frommer’s blog. I think alot of people look at the Israeli method of screening passengers as the way America should do it, but there is some major differences. Israel has fewer airports, fewer passengers and needs fewer HIGHLY trained screeners at airports. US airports handle 1-2 million people a day.

Tips for Traveling with Children Who Have Allergies

I think adults with allergies would learn from these tips too.

How can you tell which @TripAdvisor reviews to trust?

That seems to be the question as TripAdvisor wields a lot of power among travelers looking for an opinion from what they assume are other impartial travelers. But what happens when hotels and other travel companies plant good reviews? Or when travelers with an axe to grind plant bad reviews? How do you discern reasonable reviews from those that are faked or over the top critical?

Report: Royal Caribbean considering cabins for singles on cruise ships

And I say about time! The cruise industry is realizing they are missing out on solo travelers who would love to take a cruise but who don’t want to pay a single supplement or share a room with a stranger.

A List of US and Canadian Airports (Plus Some Others) with Full-Body Scanners

The vast majority of airports in the US still don’t have the full-body scanners, so the vast majority of Americans probably haven’t been through one yet.

Americans Have Few Rights Traveling Overseas

Be careful and have travel insurance. Those are your two main guards against trying to file a claim against a foreign entity. When you want to take a claim to court, you are at the mercy of a foreign court system, that may not follow what you deem to be ‘fair and blind justice’.

Jet-lag causes long term memory loss: study

I can absolutely believe this. Read on for ways to slow jet lag’s effect on your body and brain.

How to get through airport security fast

Belts off, jewelry off, piercings out, loose change out of pockets – BEFORE you get to the security line. You’d think people would know this by know. But apparently they don’t….

Job loss leaves fliers desperate for a refund

In this case, the couple was lucky that they had a consumer advocate from USA Today on their side. You and I probably wouldn’t be so lucky. Your best bet is travel insurance, which can cover financial hardship, as well as missed flights and medical emergencies.

Babies on Airlines: Safety Seats Are Safer Than a Lap…But Much More Expensive
Babies on laps are cheaper, but ultimately more dangerous. With finances the way they are, more parents and guardians will take the chance that nothing will happen on a flight, as opposed to paying for another seat.

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