Best Travel Deals and News – December 28, 2010 – Anatomy of a 15 Hour Layover, Winter Weather Travel Tips, How Much Money Does a US Traveler Make

by brian on December 29, 2010

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Pilot in Hot Water for Exposing Security Flaws

I think this story can be summed easily by what someone said in the comments in the story link:
“Typical, the incompetent don’t like their incompetence pointed out.”

How Mexico’s drug war affects tourism

This is the same question everyone who is planning to go to Mexico must ask themselves. The drug violence makes the media headlines and is a real concern, but travelers don’t appear to be the targets. Is it any safer in a major American city than in Mexico? One thing all seem to agree on it to avoid the border towns. Otherwise Mexico seems to be OK.

Travel Video of the Week
Waiting Hours in the Terminal for Air India
This poor airline employee is stuck in the middle of angry passengers try to get on an Air India flight. Always remember folks, don’t kill the messenger!

6 travel lessons you must learn from from Europe’s snow shutdown

The winters of Europe and North America can really screw with your travel plans. You can fight your airline but you cannot fight Mother Nature. She will ALWAYS win.
The best thing you can do is call the airline, even if you’re on line at the airport to get rebooked if your flight is cancelled. You may get through faster than waiting for hours in person. There are resources if you’re outside the United States and trying to reach a US based carrier. Your typical 800 or other toll free number won’t work outside the United States.

36 Hours in Marrakesh, Morocco

One of my favorite places in the world. Nice article for getting some ideas on what to do. Personally just leave me in the souks for a few days and I’ll be fine.

Overcoming the fear of flying

One of the biggest deterrents to travel is the fear of flying. But that should never stop you from seeing the world if you really want to. There are many programs that can help wanna-be globe trotters get over their aversion to taking to the air.

The True Cost of Travel

Making ALL fees up front and transparent to travelers when they are booking the ticket is of the utmost concern to everyone…expect the airlines, car rental agencies and cruise lines. Even the hotels are getting into the added fee game lately.

World’s Most Dangerous Travel Jobs

Need a career change? Need an adrenaline rush? I’ve got some job ideas for you…

Don’t Let Snow and Ice Slow You Down – Eight Rules for Winter Weather Travel

Two of the biggest tips are to book non-stop flights and avoid troublesome airports like San Francisco – SFO and the New York area airports – JFK/LGA/EWR. Basically avoid the Northeast United States, from Boston down to Washington DC, as well as the Midwest and foggy San Francisco.

One of my favorite things to do is take the earliest flight out. 6AM flight? I’m on it. The reason – that plane is already in the airport already when you arrive. Take a 1PM flight and the plane has to fly in from somewhere, be cleaned and refueled before that afternoon departure time. The later in the day the flight, the more things that can happen to delay it.

Interesting Stats…The American Tourist Abroad, By the Numbers

The thing that struck me was the $95K average annual income for US citizens who travel internationally. The vast majority of Americans make way less than that, which means that they THINK that they can’t travel. That was one of the reason I wrote No Debt World Travel. This perception that travel is only for the wealthy is not true. It may be easier with more cash. But with a little discipline and using all the resources available to you, travel is accessible to everyone and just as rewarding regardless of your economic status.

The Top 10 Airline/Hotel Loyalty Program Offers of 2010

For 2011 my New Year’s resolution is take advantage of these reward programs from the airlines, car rental agencies and hotels. If you’re going to travel anyway, why not be rewarded for it?

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