Best Travel Deals and News – December 14, 2010 – Avoid Travel Scams, Why Airfares are Rising, Find a Clean Bathroom Anywhere, Travel to NYC for the Holidays, What is a Mileage Run

by brian on December 14, 2010

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The 20 Worst Travel Mistakes People Make

Overpacking is the biggest mistake you can make, whether you’re on a longer term trip, or a short weekend jaunt. You’re miserable because you’re dragging around this bag/luggage that is filled with things you won’t use. And if you overpack, where will you put the souvenirs you bought.

How to Avoid Holiday Travel Scams

The things that people will do to separate you from your money run the gamut from subtle to completely outrageous. Can you imagine walking down a street and someone throwing a BABY at you? Well it’s not a real baby, but the reflexes kick in. You drop whatever you have and catch…a stack of newspapers. Meanwhile, the team has picked up your stuff and run off. Check out some of the other things people will do.

Travel Video of the Week
A Few Days with A Mileage Runner
I mileage run is what some fliers use to get upgraded status in frequent flier programs. That can mean anything from free access to the airline lounges at airports, free tickets, and being dropped into first class on a cattle coach fare. Some see it as wasterful and harming the environment but many obviously enjoying flying, or at least the flying that leads to bigger airline rewards down the road.

Three reasons why airfares are likely to rise

The economy is recovering slowly but surely, so with more people with more disposable income, the skies are filled with full planes. The airlines are getting better at figuring where to cut seat capacity. Smaller inventory means higher prices for the smaller inventory there is. Even more reason to sign up for frequent flier programs and connecting with airlines on Facebook and Twitter. Many airlines now have iPhone apps. I have the American Airlines app which allows me to a book a ticket anywhere my iPhone gets a connection to the Internet.

Frequent travelers share tips for keeping valuables safe

You’d be surprised how often items are stolen from the security line. Your possessions are ahead of you on the screening conveyor belt and you haven’t even passed through the metal detector/full-body scanner. Always wait until the person in front of you has passed through the screener before placing your things on the conveyor belt. Ideally you and your possessions should pass at the same time and they won’t be out of your eyesight.

Five Tips to Avoid Ruining a Family Plane Trip

…and by the article what we really mean is – 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Quiet – because all the tips deal with keeping kids calm before, during and after the flight. One of the biggest tips given the recent news is warning the kids that they might be scanned, and hopefully there won’t be any ‘invasive’ pat-downs of the little ones. Just warn them of what might be happening and you might avoid your little one having a meltdown because a strange man in uniform in asking what kind of barrettes are in her hair…

The Bathroom Diaries

12,000 bathrooms all around the world, reviewed on cleanliness, even two ply or one ply toilet paper in the stall.

Meet the world’s most travelled man: Briton clocks up 15 MILLION miles of jet-setting

We can only wish to be this guy…or maybe we pity him. So much time on planes can be grating even if the final destination is well worth it.

Top 10 Free Things to Do in New York City

25 ways to save in New York City

9 reasons to visit New York during the holidays

OK, my hometown of New York City is always a great place to visit during the holiday season. Plenty of tips from free to costly, mix and match to your heart’s content.

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