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For the Ladies -> How To Dress For The TSA
Ladies I know you want to look cute wherever you go and that even includes the airport. Who knows who you might see in the first class section of the plane. But forget the skirts when you’re flying in an emergency, sliding down the emergency chute could be a painful experience. And if you get pulled aside for an ‘enhanced pat-down’ you may be giving a free show in the middle of the terminal.

What does future hold for airport security? Body scans and pat-downs are just the beginning…

…but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The technology to make the full-body scans less intrusive is coming but it wont be here to convince people that they are a safety harzard or a violation of their rights. The full body patdowns are just as intrusive and won’t be going anywhere either. The question will be whether lawsuits and general outrage make a difference. But surveys most people favor theses measures.

Travel Video of the Week
Avoiding Food Allergies: How To Order at Restaurants

Don’t come home to an empty house! How to protect your home while you are away

Don’t advertise that you’re going away. It is so easy with Facebook and Twitter to announce to anyone reading or listening that you will be gone for the next week. Keep it lowkey, or at least have friends and neighbors keep watch. Even an auto timer for your lights, TV and stereo will make it appear like someone is home.

Backpacker chic: The latest amenities in hostels may surprise you

Hostel reservation rates have jumped in the last few years, as the stigma of them being dirty/loud/party central/ have eased and people see them as a great way to save money and travel much longer than they normally would. If you’ve never been to a hostel, check out some of my previous posts on hostels. I have had great experiences and still keep in touch with some people I’ve met in them.

Empty those Pockets! 8 Common Things That Get You Pulled Aside at the Airport

You know, you’re still getting pulled aside because metal detectors screams like banshees when you try to get on a flight, take some notes here. When I say empty your pockets, I mean empty your pockets. Even gum wrappers made of tin foil can set you up for special screening. And if you thought taking a jar of peanut butter on board for a snack was a good idea, it is not. Check that jar of Jiffy and bring some other type of food that that does not resemble a ‘gel’.

If you’re on this list, you won’t get screened by the TSA. Do you qualify?

If you’re a politician or an airline industry employee, you can sail right through. I’m still under the opinion that EVERYONE gets screened. Little old ladies, kids and everyone in between.

Oh yeah and one group that does not get screened – baggage handlers. The folks who have access to all the cargo and luggage on a plane have free reign to bring anything on the job. Not good.

Cool Travel Gifts From $10 to $60

The first two items on the lists are the most practical for ANY traveler – a sleep sack and a universal power adapter. The sleep sack adds another layer between you and whatever you’re sleeping on/in. This won’t kill those nasty bed bugs but it will at least keep you from getting bitten up. The adapter is great for travel overseas, and suddenly realizing you can’t charge your laptop or phone because your plug doesn’t fit their plug. Then you end up buying something that will only work in that country, and it will probably be expensive too.

How To Get Around Those Annoying Airline Fees

You can only do so much, but here are some ideas for your next flight. Some of it involves using  a credit card associated with a particular airline or being part of a frequent flier program. Reading the fine print also helps.

10 ways to save on airfare any time of the year

Great tips and a must read! They key to all savings seems to be doing a little more work and research that the next traveler. But isn’t that with much of life? Number 8 – buying two separate tickets – is a fine idea that works, but you’re taking a risk if one leg of the trip is delayed. Since the two tickets are not connected, you may be forced to buy another ticket. Travel insurance is key here to make sure you don’t have to eat the cost of a ticket if something goes awry.

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