What If the Travel Industry Had A Christmas Wish List??

by brian on December 24, 2010

As we get ready to unwrap those Christmas gifts, have you ever stopped to wonder what the travel industry could get if it could?

For the airlines
More profits so that more of them can stay in the air. More competition is always better.

For the flying publc
Lower prices, fewer fees and less aggravation.

Now I know those first two wishes completely contradict each other. Maybe the wish should be for a happy medium between those two. Is that even possible???

For Amtrak
High speed trains coast to coast so it can be a viable option for traveling America.

For the TSA
A better PR firm. Whether you feel they deserve it or not they took a savage beating in the media.

For Europe
Learn how to deal with snow. C’mon guys. A few inches of snow and travel comes to a screeching halt.

Any other wishes for the travel industry? Tell us in the comments below.

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