Best Travel Deals and News – January 25, 2011 – iPhone Apps for Cruises, Best Travel Gadgets, Avoid the Single Supplement When You Travel Solo

by brian on January 25, 2011

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The Joy of Getting Lost While You Travel

Getting lost in this case, means not memorizing all the facts and hotspots for a location before you get there. Hit the ground and then go with the flow. I always like to at least have a place to sleep when I arrive somewhere, but that’s about it. Unless you want to make sleeping in the airport or in a park part of your adventure…

Top 10 Hottest New Travel Gadgets from CES 2011

Why didn’t I think of that? Carry-on luggage that turns into a seat?! When you’re on the line waiting for that delayed flight why should your body suffer. Transform that luggage into furniture. Love it.

Travel Video of the Week
Vera Silva, Portuguese Flight Attendant, Gets Proposed To On An Airplane

Some good news –> No U.S. airline fatalities in 2010

The lack of control in the air always makes people feel like they could die when they take a plane ride. And technically they are right. But they would be better off saving the extra prayers and nervous stomachs for their next car trip. You are much more likely to die in a passenger car than in a plane. But it’s hard to get away from that feeling of being so high when in car you can stop and get out.

Top 10 Museums in the US for Families

The Smithsonian Air and Space in DC is one of my favorite museums in the world. Historic planes and other vehicles fill the halls. As a traveler I think you really have to appreciate all the machines that actually transport you to those wonderful places you visit around the world.

Cause even Kim Jong-il wants to have fun… Inside North Korea’s Theme Parks

Not like I’m booking a flight to visit North Korea and its amusement parks, but I find it intereting that some semblance of ‘fun’ is attempted in a country in reportedly such dire straits. I know that foreigners are not allow to roam the country and talk to people by themselves, but the author could not even get on the rides by himself. He had a North Korean handler with him everywhere. What did he think the roller coaster was going to give up state secrets?

Best Destinations for Solo Women Travelers

Solo women travelers are concerned about their safety. The successful solo woman traveler understands where she is and adjusts but does not let that stop her from traveling. Some good tips to prepare the ladies for hitting the road.

20 of the world’s greatest travel adventures

Genghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia. Gorilla watching in Rwanda. Skydive in the face of Mount Everest. Not exactly budget options but if you save enough on budget travel, you can sprurge on something more expensive every once in a while.

What Are the Rules When You’re Getting Crushed in Your Seat by the Passenger Next to You?

Most airlines have the rule that a passenger who can’t clip a seat belt extender around them must buy two seats. But what happens to you, the person who is jammed into the window or armrest when someone overflows into your chair. You can obviously to be moved but if the plane is full like many are these days, you may really be stuck, literally and figuratively.

How to Meet People on the Road Without Staying in a Hostel

I love hostels because they are the easy way to meet new people. It’s just the way they are built. Common areas, lots of flyers with things to do, a shared kitchen, they just lend themselves to conversation. But what if you’re not staying in one. Back in a hotel? Maybe you’re camping or staying with family? Renting a house or apartment? You don’t have to lose out on the great social interaction that comes from being in a hostel.

Advice for getting single supplement waived when you travel

Great advice to keep more money in your pocket when you decide to do that trip by yourself. The travel industry is slowly recognizing the single traveler, but you can’t wait for them to wake up. Use the tips and get that trip in.

Ten Places You Never Thought You Could Afford but Probably Can

ANY place is affordable. Some places just require a little more work to find the best deals. I can tell you from personal experience that Hawaii and Morocco, both mentioned in the article, are very affordable. Two big factors: where will you stay and what will you do when you get there. If you decide to stay in a chic hotel and eat in a metal utensil establishment every night, of course you won’t come home with any money. The question is are you willing to put your money into a hotel room or expensive meals or bypass that and focusing more on experiences with other people, eating where the locals are, etc.

5 Things Airfare Shoppers Need to Know to Find Cheap Flights

Tuesday afternoon at 3PM Eastern. That’s when you should buy a plane ticket. This and four other easy to follow tips should help you to maximize your savings when purchasing plane tickets.

Is it really dangerous to use a cell phone on a plane?

There will be debates about this until we are all blue in the face. I think the airlines could see this as a revenue stream. Charge people for using their cellphones. They do it already for Internet access, though the jury is out on how many people actually use the service. I still see the days of ‘air rage’ coming when someone’s inane conversation will cause a passenger to snap and beat someone with a food tray.

iPhone Apps for Cruise Information

For those of you who are cruise fanatics, some iPhone apps to help you enjoy the experience even more.

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