Best Travel Deals and News – January 4, 2010 – Using FourSquare and Gowalla to Find Deals, Airlines Ticket Prices Going Up, New York on a Budget

by brian on January 4, 2011

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Why It’s Time to Visit Colombia in 2011

Colombia is a country that will be on everyone’s radar in the next few years. In fact it is on a few “Places You Must Visit for 2011″ lists. The country has largely turned itself around from the days of drug battles to be a destination people want to go to as opposed to run away from.

Travel Video of the Week
Norma Heape – Flight Attendant with 63,000 Hours in the Air equaling 26 million Miles in the Air

Talk about a frequent flier! This woman is in her 70s and looks great for her age. I would suspect that her love of travel and her job is a reason she looks the way she does.

10 vacations for solo travelers

I’ve talked before about the short end of the stick that solo travelers get. Travel seems to be geared toward the couple or families. This requires the single traveler to do a little more research to book trips without the single supplement or other restrictions that would not apply to other traveler types.

Locating a travel, shopping or dining deal by using GPS in your phone

Apps like Foursquare and Gowalla are the latest way travelers can find out about their surroundings, wherever they are in the world. The tips and information is given by other unbiased travelers and is more up to date than a guidebook written six months beforehand.

New Year’s Day in the Life of an Expat in Okinawa Japan

New Year’s is one of the few holidays that everyone on the planet can celebrate regardless of race, citizenship or other demographic. That is why I find it so interesting to see how other countries and people do New Year’s. Americans know Dick Clark and Times Square. What of the other countries that share the same calendar?

Your rights for compensation if your flight was cancelled because of SNOW

The biggest thing here is that a phone call may not be the best way to get resolution to an issue. Maybe the first attempt. If you have a hard time getting the proper satisfaction to your issue, email or written letters keep track of your correspondence with the company and maybe your best course of action.

Need Some Ideas for Travel? 20 Best Trips of 2011
Top 11 in ’11: Destinations You Must Visit This Year
Holiday destinations for 2011

All of these end of the year travel lists start popping up and they are great jump off points for brainstorming ideas for places you may not have thought of.

Record-Breaking Travelers

I would call these folks ‘extreme travelers’. People who have walked around the planet, visited most of the countries in the world, traveled the most miles in a car. And you can’t spend a week somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? No excuses!

Airlines that went KAPUT in 2010

Airlines are charging the added fees that they do so they won’t be part of this list. Not saying it is right, but it is just the facts of business.

11 Awesome Day Trips from Amsterdam

While I was in Amsterdam I didn’t know there were so many interesting things to do outside the city.

How to Stay a Weekend in NYC and Only Spend $100
I love this article because it is possible to do New York City on the cheap. You just need some ideas to get you on the right track. If you modify a couple of things from the article you can save even more. I wouldn’t buy a beer for $7.50, but some of you would. The point: mix and match to find your perfect combination of fun and frugality.

New Year’s resolutions: learn something new on holiday in 2011

Why can’t you combine a typical New Year’s resolution with travel? The answer is you can. Whether to lose weight, take up singing, better your photography skills or volunteer, you can combine that by going somewhere out of your home area. The new environment combined with doing with something you always wanted to is fantastic for your mind.

Airlines able to absorb costs of crippling blizzard

Because of the fees…

After the Storm, Airlines Hike Ticket Prices

Airlines says the demand for seats is coming back and the recent spike in gas prices gives them the need to raise prices. How long that stays in place is anyone’s guess, but airlines normally don’t take fees away so anticipate those being there indefinitely.

Scary Airline Resolutions for 2011

These are the things you don’t want to have happen in 2011. Extra fees and poor customer service will probably continue into 2011 and beyond. The airline industry is not a high growth industry and anything to create revenue and save costs will continue to be around. Unfortunately these factors are also counter to what the customer, the flying public wants.

25 Tips for Smarter Holiday Travel

Holiday travel or not, these great tips apply all year round.

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