Best Travel News and Deals – February 22, 2011 – Tips for a First Cruise, What To Do If Your Pilot Is Drunk, Escape the Cold in Hawaii, Repositioning Cruises

by brian on February 22, 2011

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10 Reasons to Take a Repositioning Cruise

Ten cruise tips for better vacation value that everyone can use

5 money-saving cruise questions — and answers

I talked about repositioning cruises before as a great way to break up your trip if you are traveling around the world. Or if you have enough time for a week long TransAtlantic voyage and don’t mind being out to see for that length of time, it could be a fun adventure.

Travel Video of the Week
Pu’u ‘O’o Producing Spattering

Seven Things to Know Before You Book Your First (or Next) Cruise

The cruise virgins like myself read these articles and take note. Because I will take the plunge eventually. And it seems that those who have taken cruises seem to love it or loathe it. Apparently there is no grey area when it comes to this type of vacation.

9 Easy Languages for English Speakers to Learn

Easy is relative isn’t it? I was surprised by Afrikaans, I’d just figure the Romance languages (Spanish, French, etc) would be the easiest to pick up. But I’ve heard the same about Japanese, believe it or not. Not the symbols in Kanji but the actual spoken language itself.

Hedging the Travel Bet

In a previous post I told you the phrase you should say so that all possible incidents are covered by travel insurance, because many are NOT covered by the standard contract. So many things can happen, from an accident BEFORE your trip that prevents you from going, floods, earthquakes and other acts of nature and man.

A Profitable Year for All But One Major Airline

While the airlines are making a profit, the margins are still relatively low. If gas prices continue to rise, we could find more of those costs passed on to travelers, and more airlines falling back into the red.

As Passengers Get Bigger, Airline Seats Get Smaller

My fellow Americans, are we going to have to hit the gym before we hit the airport and fit into those airline seats? We may just have to…

Is TSA Holding Back Its Report on Scanner Radiation Safety?

You know when it comes to any government, we have to trust but verify. Some would say don’t trust any government because it is a huge, unwieldy bureaucracy that will protect itself at all costs. Would that mean lying/denying/hiding information about the radiation from airport scanners? We’ve been told they are safe repeatedly, but information to be released has been delayed.

9 easy ways to make a flight attendant go insane

To avoid another Steven Slater incident, don’t harass the flight attendant. Just imagine them dealing with hundreds of people everyday. You have to think they deal with at least one idiot every shift.

American recalls 200 flight attendants

Another sign that air travel is coming back. American hiring back people instead of laying off folks is always a welcome sight.

Is my pilot too tired, old or intoxicated?

What can you do if you suspect your pilot has been hitting the bottle too hard before your red-eye? What if she looks exhausted?

Airport lounges aren’t only for VIPs

If you have a long layover consider buying a day pass to the airline lounges. How about a nice comfy seat, free food and free Wifi as opposed to sitting in a hard plastic seat with nothing to eat or do? That might be the best investment you can make at the airport.

The $100 Paris Weekend

Not $100 a day. $100 for a weekend in Paris, excluding accommodations. Possible? Yes. The best option? Depends on who you ask.

Mainland Shivers, and Hawaii Basks in Tourism

The 50th state has seen an uptick in visitors with the bad weather across much of the continental United States. I’d be curious if the same occurred with the United States Virgin Islands, which doesn’t require a passport for US citizens and is within a 4-5 hour flight from much of the East Coast.

A world tour of bookstore cafes

I love bookstores and while they seems to be an endangered species (Waldenbooks closing many of its stores in 2009 and parent company Borders filing for bankruptcy) they are a microcosm of a city and culture in one spot. Not only literature, but speakers and seminars about the area always have a home at any good bookstore.

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