Best Travel News and Deals – February 15, 2011 – Best Packing Video, When Airfare Costs More One Seat Over, Travel Insurance in Egypt, Travel When Pregnant, How to Pack for Travel

by brian on February 15, 2011

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The Clause in Travel Insurance Needed Get Your Money Back When Protests/Nature Cancel Your Trip

Travel insurance always comes to the forefront when there is something, man-made or or natural disrupts travel plans for many people. The snowstorms in Europe and America, the volcano eruption in Iceland and now the protests in Egypt. I’ve always said travel insurance is your best bet, but even further to the point make you have a “cancel for any reason” clause in your agreement. I can imagine this will raise the cost of your travel insurance since there is more risk to the insurance company, but still let than you eating the cost for a trip you don’t take at all.

Should Elected Officials Show Proof of International Travel

An interesting commentary on elected officials, especially US elecgted officials who take office and have had no interaction with the world outside their own country. Can you interact with other peoples and governments if you have not stepped out of your own world and tried to engage people in theirs. Nice idea but probably won’t happen.

Travel Video of the Week
Ryanair Shows ‘Mutiny’ Students How To Pack
RyanAir kicked Belgian students off a flight that had too much luggage. In response, RyanAir sent them this vide that shows how to pack for air travel. Normally I would dismiss the pennypinching misers at RyanAir, but the video is an effective piece on what and how to pack. Don’t kill the messenger if the message happens to be useful.

If nothing else listen to it for the Benny Hill music…

Travel writing contest: win $500 for your best essay from Transitions Abroad

For folks who want to live and study abroad, a writing contest to give your perspective. The best entry receives $500.

How to Keep Track of Your Frequent Flier Miles

For those of you who have signed up for a multitude of frequent flier programs, how do you keep track of it all? More importantly, how do you keep track of things so that those miles don’t expire. That makes people wary of signing up in the first place. Lots to read and lots to make sure you are on top of. This article gives some tools for you to try.

Bun in the Oven? No Need to Stay Home – Top Tips for Travel During Pregnancy

You got a bun in the oven? Still want to travel? Sure you can, within reason.

What do airline passengers really want — besides a good fare?

The second most important thing according to this survey is non-stop vs. connecting flight. We’ve seen that the aggravation of changing flights may not be worth the little savings you can over a non-stop flight. With bad weather, a connecting flight is a potential liability on your trip you’ll want to avoid. Third on the list are the airline fees which is not surprising at all.

Why Your Seatmate’s Airfare Costs Less than Yours

This is almost like asking someone’s salary at work. You shouldn’t ask the question because you don’t want to know the answer. But with an airfare, you can learn what you seatmate did to get the lower price.

How to Find the Best Cruise Line Deals

For you first timers, use a travel agent that specializes in cruises. As you gain more experience, you can attempt to book your own passage. The other thing, book on older ships. An older ship does not mean riding a boat that was built around the time of the Titanic. During the economic boom of the mid 2000s, lots of cruise ship were commissioned. The older ships are perfectly good vessels and cruise lines are trying to fill those, often at a great discount.

11 Mini Trips in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, another major city I have never been too. Here are 11 excursions within the city for you to explore.

SkyMall fascinates, entertains travelers

The Skymall catalog is something that most would not buy anything out of, but the catalog will definitely pass the time on a flight when you say to yourself – Who thought of that?

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