Best Travel Deals and News – March 22, 2011 – Where to Go in Asia, Travel to North Korea, Stress Free Travel, How to Avoid High Airfares, Carrying Bed Bugs

by brian on March 22, 2011

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Use of a Pre-Departure Checklist Can Help Avoid Travel Mishaps

A little prevention will go a long way toward an aggravation free trip. Sometimes its those few seconds that can save us so much trouble.

37 Different Things to Do in Asia

Asia is one of my favorite regions of the world and this article tries to cover a little bit of something in every country. If you’re on a budget you’ll want to avoid Japan and but the the lower cost countries like Thailand and Cambodia have the combination of warm weather, friendly people and cheap prices on everything.

Travel Video of the Week
A Candid Look Inside North Korea

Pyongyang Style from Steve Gong on Vimeo.

What to do when the State Department issues a travel alert

Well you should pay attention. With the recent news around the world Americans would be best served to pay attention. But some would say that the State Department is a little too conservative when it comes to these warnings. The best bet is to read the State Department warning and register with the State Department when you arrive in a new country. In a case like Japan, when disaster strikes, someone can know where you and look for you.

Senior Travel: Six Cards You Can’t Travel Without

Seniors who have the time can travel in a variety of ways, aided by the organizations they’ve joined and affiliations with groups. AARP is probably the best known of those groups and has alot of political and monetary clout. Carrying that card will get you discounts as well as showing you are a military veteran. Don’t be scared to throw your age around.

Worst Airfare Prices in Years: How to Fight Back

You fight back by planning and buying early. Some suggest you buy closer to your scheduled departure, but you can never be sure that you’ll get the flight you want or need. Also remember there are services that allow you to get a refund on the difference between your price and a new lower price.

Is it safe? The hardest question to answer in the travel industry

That is always the question when you may be traveling to a potential hotspot anywhere in the globe. Read those warnings and try to get opinions from other travelers.

How to Avoid Being Pickpocketed When You Travel

Front pants pocket! Not your purse. Not your backpack. Not your back pocket.

Running Toward Danger – Travelers Who Go To Disasters and Warzones

You know there are people who booked a plane to Japan right after the earthquake, just so they could be there in the aftermath. As a tourist I would not feel right being there even in an unaffected part of the country. Cruise ships that visited Haiti had tourists who felt some apprehension, but the Haitians welcomed them, saying that the country needed the infusion of cash the cruisers brought.

Ethics and Etiquette for Bad Behavior, Boors and Stinky Food In Coach at 30000 Feet

We are crammed together on planes with smaller seats, with many of us getting bigger. What are the rules? Who gets the armrest? Should you buy that horrible smelling but tasty food in the terminal and bring it on the plane? Those and other important questions, answered right here.

Bed bugs in hotels and on cruise ships? What about my backpack?

Bed bugs. The creepy crawlies have been making the news in the last year, but you do realize how they are spreading? Travelers like you and me allow the bugs to hitch a ride in our clothing, suitcases and backpacks.

Europe’s Hottest Secret Destinations

Is there much in Europe that is a secreet? Yes, if you think about only Western Europe and the better known countries and destinations.

Some Infamous, Some Heroic – Flight Attendant Hall of Fame

If Steven Slater and his antics leave a bad taste in your mouth, take heart in some of the brave and courageous flight attendants you’ve never heard of.

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