Best Travel Deals and News – March 1, 2011 – Space Tourism, How to Learn Foreign Language, Survive TSA Enhanced Patdown, How Clean Is Your Hotel Room, What To Do When You Lose Your Passport

by brian on March 1, 2011

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10 reasons to travel

I think the last line of the article sums everything up: On your deathbed, do you really expect to say: “You know, I really wish I’d stayed home more?”

Space tourism poised to blast off in the next two years

In 20-30 years this won’t seem as revolutionary as it does now and a family of four will travel into Earth’s orbit or even to the moon. Like going from New York to New Jersey or London to Paris. And like everything else, the price will come down too.

Sir Richard Branson, if you need a travel blogger for your inaugural trip, I AM AVAILABLE.

Travel Video of the Week
Rick Steves – Travel as a Political Act

I was at the New York Times Travel Show and I could not stay for Steves presentation. But I managed to hear him say that all his presentations are available online. So here is the presentation in its entirelty.

Learn a Foreign Language on the Go

From a person who speaks seven different languages, some easy advise on how to pick up a language faster. I’ve had someone tell me they learned English from watching sitcoms and movies. If it works for learning English, the opposite should apply to. Music is a great way to learn too. Notice how you can’t remember what you ate for dinner last week but you can remember a tune from 20 years ago? Some scientists says learning while listening to music works because the music activates parts of the brain that aid in memory. Seems feasible to me, considering how many 80s pop songs I remember if I hear the first few seconds of it.

Pitching 101: How to Write for

BootnAll is one of the biggest travel site on the Internet and the information here can be applied to other online publications you may want to submit writing to.

5 Top Tips for Keeping the Kids Happy on Long Journeys

You mean beyond sedating them? That may not be ethical or legal depending on the methods used, so try some of these suggestions. How about a book? You remember those right…?

How to Travel More Without Quitting Your Job: 10 Tips for the Restless Desk-Jockey

Quitting your job is not an option for most people. But that does not mean that you are limited in what you can do and see. Even if you only have two weeks, as most Americans do, those precious days can be maximized for the fullest benefit.

How to Call for Help in a Foreign Country

911 in the United America. What about Thailand? Brazil? China? South Africa? There is one number for them all.

How to survive an “enhanced” TSA pat-down

You can’t get away from the enhanced pat-down, but there are ways you can make it pass quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Be polite, be calm and don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re feeling uncomfortable with what the TSA agent is doing.

A microscopic look at hotel hygiene

I recommended that you have a sleep sack when you staying in hostels. The way it looks you should use one at your regular hotel too. Removing ‘s’ from hostel does not automatically mean that you are exempt from the issues of cleanliness in your room. In fact, your false sense of security could cause you more problems because you are not even taking the proper precautions. Check that: ANY precautions.

10 ways to save money on a cruise without being a cheapskate

You buy the package and think that is it in terms of opening your wallet or purse? Far from it. Tipping, shore excursions, alcohol consumption on board all mean more money than you anticipated.

Tokyo’s Haneda Airport makes life easy for international travelers

I remember having two options when I arrived in Narita International Airport (NRT) on my round the world trip . Take a coach bus for at least an hour long trip that was expensive or a cheap trip by train that was close to two hours long. Haneda Airport is closer to the Tokyo city center and will hopefully hit the sweet spot of proximity to Tokyo at a reasonable price.

Passengers contacted after woman with measles goes through 3 airports

When we think of vaccinations we think of something exotic like Japanese encephalitis or yellow fever. But even the measles can be passed around if you’re not properly inoculated.

Elephants gone wild harm tourists

No matter how much interaction wild animals have had with humans, they are still wild animals. ‘Unpredictable’ is the biggest word I would use for them and it seems the elephants have gone on revolt and been in the news for all the wrong reason. Be careful out there.

A Consortium of Tour Operators Speaks out Against Cruises, Claiming They Are Expensive and Culturally Worthless

I think this is more sour grapes by the tour operators as they compete more with the cruise lines for your travel funds.

How to Get Out of Kenya After Losing Your U.S. Passport

The concepts used here can be used in Kenya, Canada, Indonesia or anywhere in the world you are. Scan a copy of the information and photo page of your passport and send it to yourself in email. Add your driver’s license/ID if you want. If you want to be even more secure, scan and then put them in a password protected document then send yourself an email with the doc as an attachment. This protects you in case your email account is hacked.

The Most Overlooked Historic Sites In The World

A visual tour of sites that are in the shadow of a more well known location, but have their own special reasons you should visit.

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Great list on deals and information. I could really use the learn a foreign language as Spanish courses were no help to me. And the 10 ways to save money is a good one as well.


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