Best Travel Deals and News – March 29, 2011 – Finding Work in Central America, Find Cruise Bargains, When Do You Buy A Plane Ticket, How to Pack When You Travel

by brian on March 29, 2011

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Woman Sued Carnival Claiming Cruise Ship Was Too Fast

What words can we use here? Preposterous. Ridiculous. Ludicrous. Keep it going…

Funding Full Time Travel with Part Time Jobs in Central America

Many of the concepts apply to other countries and regions. So if you’re not interested in Central America, you can get some great ideas on how to actually accomplish travel with work for whatever place in the world you want to be.

Travel Video of the Week
Simple Instruction On How To Buy Subway Tickets in Japan

Thankfully most everything in major cities in Japan is in Japanese and English. But I do remember the feeling of anxiety walking up the train kiosk to get my train tickets. Somehow I muddled through it and didn’t spend all my money trying to get a single ticket from Akihabara to Asakusa.

How to Be an Idiotic Backpacker

One of the ways is to travel too fast. I know I did that on my first time around the world and I would not do it again. That first trip was my dream trip so I wanted to hit every spot I deamed of going to. Now that I’ve done that, I’d want to spend more time in places. Maybe a month in Tokyo (I’d still go, just make sure I have my Geiger counter). How about 2 months in Thailand at a Muay Thai boot camp? 3 weeks exploring Ethiopia? Renting an apartment in Salvador and being there for Carnival in Brazil? I’ve got plenty of ideas.

7 Ways to Find Cruising’s Best Bargains in 2011

If you want to cruise book now, whenever you are reading this. There are times of the year to book and cruise and plenty of discounts. If you’re a first time cruises, seriously consider a cruise travel agent. Takes the stress away from having too many options and your agent should know the best cruise line for you depending your demographics, needs and interests.

Japan’s Fuji, Mountain of My Birth

I’ve heard Mount Fuji being compared to rush hour in LA traffic during the summer months. The trek is certainly not as strenous as some of the other major mountains around the world and is really accessible to most anyone who has the time to make the trip up the mountain. I can only imagine the breathtaking views.

Baseball tours are a hit with fans

With the NFL in a lockout as I write this, baseball has a chance to pick up some fans this year, especially in late summer when football should be just kicking off. This would be a great trip around the United States. Spend the whole season on the road going from park to park or just take a week and travel to 3-4 ballparks.

3 Simple Tactics That Will Improve Your Next International Trip

Using social media to make contacts in the country you are about to visit is fantastic. I used LinkedIn and connected with Debbie and her friends in Hong Kong. I probably would not have made it to Macau if it wasn’t for them. Also mentioned is renting apartments and houses as opposed to hotels. Better priices for more room and you can actually feel like you’re living there in a residential neighborood as opposed to be on Hotel Row in the tourist section of town.

Do Electronic Gadgets Really Affect an Airplane’s Instruments?

The debate continues. But remember that they are really focusing on takeoffs and landings. Once you’re 35000 feet up people have all manner of electronics turned on and being used with no planes falling out of the sky because of it. I’ve read the main reason they want you to turn off the devices is that you’re not distracted when you should be listening to flight attendants during the most dangerous part of the flight – takeoffs and landings.

Top Tips on How to Pack When You Travel

Thin layers add up to warmth when they they are put together. No need for that huge Triple Fat Goose jacket when you’re heading to a colder climate. I’ve got to try rolling my clothes. So many people swear by it it can’t hurt to try.

Japan disaster boosts interest in atomic tourism

If given the chance I would have tried to hit Hiroshima when I was in Japan but I had no time. Those in the United States can check out a nuclear testing site outside of Las Vegas and in other parts of the country.

Frustrated by airline baggage fees? Lighten your load

Carry-on only folks. I’ll keep repeating it until I stop seeing peeople with 3 overstuffed pieces of rolling luggage for a 5 day trip.

Airline Fees: Secrets of How to Save Big, or Not

Alot of the fees can be eliminated by a little planning. Bring your lunch for your flight. Cut back on the luggage (see above). Book online and avoid paying a fee for talking to a human being. Try to avoid rescheduling. But the fees are here to stay and the airlines are surviving because of them.

Trying to time fares is like the stock market -> Stop obsessing over airfares, and buy now

From the article – “A month from now, it’s going to cost more. There isn’t anything to drive fares down at this point.”

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