Best Travel Deals and News – March 15, 2011 – Dangerous Airports, New Countries to Visit, Spending Money When Traveling, US Passports by State

by brian on March 15, 2011

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Five Reasons to Travel Alone
Learning how to make decisions is one of the biggest reasons. Every thing is on you when you travel by yourself. Some can’t handle it and would rather follow someone else or a group. You can’t complain when the trip doesn’t go the way you want. Take a bold step and take off by yourself, especially if you’re a woman.

I’ve wrestled with this many times… Is There a Right Way to Spend Money When You Travel?
I thought about this when I was in Cambodia and debated an extra few dollars off my hotel bill..a hotel bill that was $7 per day. Too cheap? Too extravagant? Like many things there is never a right answer, only the answer that you feel comfortable with.

9 Useless Things Travelers Tend to Pack
Who bring a sleeping bag unless you’re going camping? And unless you’re a professional photographer who gets paid for your shots, that super expensive SLR is way overkill. Your cell phone can take good enough pictures for your blog and to show off to your family and friends.

Travel Video of the Week

Antarctica Shoot from Matt Rutherford on Vimeo.

On my wish list of places to go, the 7th continent has seen big growth in tourism the last few years. There are calls to scale back because of the potential environmental damage.

How can consumers find out which airports, airplanes and airlines have a pattern of dangerous errors?
Most people don’t think about the airport they are traveling to having a history of near misses or accidents, but that could be another factor to take into account, along with the airline itself.

Missed Your Flight? Misspelled Name on Ticket? 5 Travel Problems and Solutions
Especially now with the TSA requiring that your name on your passport or driver’s license EXACTLY match what’s on the ticket you hopefully have enough time to get that corrected before you get to the airport. If not some ideas to help you, along with some other problems you can encounter when traveling.

US Passport Holders By State
Some of these numbers seem off but I would love for the US State Department to confrim deny these numbers. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California supposedly have above 60% passport holders. Could that be explained by the higher number of immigrants who are traveling to their home country and/or also higher per capita income? I would not expect poorer states like Mississippi and West Virginia to have many passports as is borne out in the numbers.

10 Countries To Visit That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago
Everyone has been to X. Raise your bragging rights by visiting a location that many have not seen in its current form. Many of these countries are in Eastern Europe with the breakup of the Soviet Bloc.

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