Best Travel Deals and News – April 26, 2011 – Protect Yourself From Travel Losses, Hosting Couchsurfers, The Worst Airline Food, Are Frequent Flier Programs Worth It, What To Eat in Barcelona

by brian on April 26, 2011

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Why Online Fares Change Faster Than a 747

Why does it seem when you click to finalize the transaction the airfare has gone up? Could the airlines be jerking you around? Or just a bad confluence of events that just happen to change the price? Hmmmm….

How to Protect Yourself Against Travel Losses

Volcanoes in Iceland. Earthquakes in Japan. Civil war in Libya. All these things could put you out of your hard earned money if you don’t have some type of travel insurance to cover the possibility of these events. And even travel insurance doesn’t cover everything unless you ask for “cancel for any reason” policy.

Travel Video of the Week
Brazil May Not Be Ready for the World Cup…or the Olympics
We are three years out and many of the projects needed to host these events are behind schedule. A lot of time between now and then, but the early signs are not good.

Meet The Man Who Has Hosted Over 300 Couchsurfers

Couchsurfing is great not only for the hostee but for the hoster to learn about a new culture and get to travel without leaving actually leaving home.

Cut Your Round-the-World Travel Budget by 75 Percent

A travel contest for Round the World tickets by well known travel companies like BootsnAll. All it takes is an entry (or two or three) and a dream.

They’ve Got to Be Joking: The 15 Saddest In-Flight Meals

Seems you have to fly in Asia to get a decent meal on a flight. Meaning it didn’t come out of a box, is actually tasty and includes real silverware. That may not be completely fair since Asia has much lower food and labor costs, but it is still true.

So you want to be an airline pilot?

The life of a pilot is definitely not all cotton candy and rainbows. Beginner pilots are not well paid and can suffer from the same lack of sleep as the air traffic controllers they talk to when they are approaching for a landing. Needless to say, you really have to love the profession to stay in it.

Guidelines for visiting Cuba

With the Obama administration easing the restrictions on who can visit Cuba, American citizens may be able to fit into one of these categories and not sneak around the State Department and Homeland Security to visit the island nation.

Are frequent-flier programs losing their luster?

The frequent flyer programs still have great appeal to travelers, even to people who are not always flying on a regular bais. But the airlines are not making it easy, limiting the flights available for you to actually use the miles.

A culinary walk through Barcelona

I spent some time in Barcelona and one thing that amazed me was the bright colors of the food in La Boqueria, the world famous food market right off of La Rambla. The fruits and vegetables, the fresh meats and cheese, everything seems like it was just picked, plucked or slaughtered minutes before arriving at the market.

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