Best Travel Deals and News – April 19, 2011 – Small Cruise Ships, How To Travel Solo, How to Find Cheap Airfare Deals, Round The World for 11 Years

by brian on April 19, 2011

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Small Ship Cruises: No Ties, No Bingo

As we hear more and more about the megaships, the smaller cruise ships are doing very well for themselves. They provide the chance for closer interaction with fellow passengers and crew and provide more of a personal touch. You can feel like a number on a large cruise ship. The smaller ships provide a great opportunity to really feel like you’re really sailing the seas with other engaged passengers.

Vintage Airline Ads: Remembering the Good Old Days Of Flying

Great old videos of the older airlines, some of which don’t exist anymore. Many people wish for a time when the US based airlines were regulated more closely by the US government. People always say there was a time when flying was “classy” – people wore suits and ties and dressed like they were going to church for the airport. Classy could also mean expensive, as in only the very wealthy could fly.

Travel Video of the Week
Continental Airlines – We Move Our Tail for You
I love the 70s!

Traveling Solo — It’s Easier Than You Think

Yes it is and a big reason why many don’t travel is that they would have to do it alone. Waiting around for someone else to travel with you could have you waiting a very long time.

Are Your Frequent Flyer Miles a Mess? Here’s How to Put Them to Use

Frequent flyer miles can be extremely useful in cutting the price of your next ticket. The problem is there are so many options you don’t know where to start. Here are some good ideas on how to get started with mile programs, how to track miles, and how to redeem them.

How One Cellphone Can Be a Cost-Effective Step for Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses Abroad

While the article recommends renting a phone, I would recommend getting a GSM capable phone and buying a SIM card in the country you are visiting. If you are an American Verizon or Sprint subscriber, your companies don’t use GSM but your phone may be GSM compatible. Call and ask.

What it’s like to be an air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers have been catching alot of heat lately for falling asleep on the job. You should know WHY they are falling asleep.

How to find hidden airfare deals

This will become more and more important as gas prices continue to rise into summer 2011 and beyond. Now they are talking about $6 per gallon gas?!

How to score VIP treatment while on the road

The only way to receive is to ask. You can do it directly, you can do it online via Facebook and Twitter and you can sign up for services that will help you do it. But travelers are getting the chance to be in the driver’s seat if they are willing to step out and let the travel industry know what your wants and needs are.

Are we there yet? Family travels round the world for 11 years!

Just incredible. I may have missed it in the article but I’m not sure how they are financing everything. If a family can do for such a long time, can you do it for 3 months? 6 months?

Frequent Flyer Mile Math: How $800 And 50 Hours of Flying Could Save $14000

Another frequent flyer article, this time calculating actual savings in a real world situation. What are your favorite or most flown airlines? Find out the requirements for the frequent flyer program and sign up.

10 stupid assumptions about cruise vacations

A good list of details you thought you knew but that you really don’t know about cruises.

London budget #travel tips: 7 ways to keep it cheap

London can be expensive but like everything else there are ways around the high cost. I love how most of the museums in London are free with only a recommended donation.

An Insider’s Guide to Cruise Tipping

The authors go into great detail to explain how they tip when they are on a cruise. I didn’t run the numbers but it can add up to a large amount to the cruise you have gotten a great deal on.

What’s in Your Emergency Travel Kit? What You Should Have In Yours

If you’re away from home and disaster strikes, do you have things that can help escape injury or worse? A couple in Hawaii wonders what to pack when tsunami warnings for Hawaii are issued after the Japanese earthquake 2011.

16 Masks We Wear When Traveling

Long article, but tellingly true, about the the way we portray overselves when we travel. Which mask did you wear on your last trip?

Top 10 Myths about Airfares and Airline Tickets You Should Know

Assumptions that you are making may be completely false. The biggest one may be the ability to change your name on your ticket if you or your travel agent gets it wrong. Answers range from impossible to do it will cost you, depending on who you are talking to.

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