Best Travel News and Deals – May 17, 2011 – Baby Boomer Travel, Tips to Book a Budget Summer Trip, What to Pack on Your Next Trip, Travel Medical Kit

by brian on May 17, 2011

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Baby boomers eye adventure, bucket list

So many assume that travel is for the young, when older people are prime candidates to take off and travel. They have the time and hopefully some money saved, and they are finished taking care of their family and others and want to do something for themselves. Go boomers go!

Fear of flying? Does knowing more about planes help, or is ignorance bliss?

One writer who beat back her fear of flying with good old fashioned willpower. But to those of you who feared flying and overcame it, what helped you? Was it just buckling into your seat and taking off anyway? Therapy? Taking a class about planes?

Travel Video of the Week
Morocco and Spain in less than 3 minutes
Traveler pieced together his 4000 pictures of Spain and Morocco in a nice video that just gives you a taste of these two countries. Cool music and even better images.

Lawmakers Move To Make TSA Patdowns A Felony

One word: Ridiculous

Seven tips to book great summer trips on a budget

With gas prices still high any words of wisdom on saving money should be read and reread. The first tip is an interesting one: Try to book a ski resort for the summer. Ski resorts are nowhere near capacity because nobody thinks about them until November. There are still things to do at a significant discount.

Flight Delays: 5 Things You Must Know About the Weather

We think snowstorms and ice as major flight delayers, but summer thunderstorms, strong winds and hail can make for a bad travel experience. What should you do if you are delayed by this weather? The same thing you would do in the winter: get ready to rebook immediately if you sense any flight delay is coming.

10 reasons you know it’s time to go traveling

Part stand up comedy routine, but all truth.

Unusual Items Worth Packing on Your Next Vacation

I would add plastic zip lock bags to the list. Great for holding liquids and gels in case the bottle breaks, and containing small items like loose change that would set off a metal detector at the airport.

Ten Family Travel Med Kit Essentials

Sunscreen and wide brim hats for folks of any complexion. Yes even dark skin people can burn in the intense sun. I remember being in Brazil and peeling for weeks after I came home because I ran around in the hot sun for hours at time.

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