Best Travel Deals and News – May 31, 2011 – No Vacation for Americans, Opening A Plane Door in Mid-Flight, Guyana Tourism, Chocolate Tourism, Cruise Packing Tips

by brian on May 31, 2011

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Why is America the ‘no-vacation nation’?

While Americans may be more productive per capita than our European cousins, we pay for it with the lack of vacation time. But Europe is no utopia either. Demonstrations in France and Greece show us that their workers are not happy either, although for different reasons. Either way, you have the mobility to go anywhere and start up your life in a new place, whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

Can You Open a Plane Door In-flight? 6 Myths of Traveling By Airplane

There have been many stories the last few weeks about people trying to open the airplane doors while mid-flight. I’ve always wondered what stops someone from just running up and trying to open the plane’s door? Apparently the laws of physics stops the loco passenger from trying to “kiss the sky’.

Travel Video of the Week
Plane Plunged into Ocean in Minutes
The circumstances of Air France 447 have intrigued me since the plane went down flying from Rio to Paris in 2009. Mysterious circumstances in bad weather and no real explanation. The flight recorders were lost at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for two years until being recently found. Through the persistence of investigators, we might finally get some real answers.

Google Begins Adding Flight Schedules To Search Results

Great feature because it lists all the flights in chronological order. So if you want a 7AM flight, you can see at a quick glance which airlines have flights at that time. The one limitation: fares are not included with the listing. But I wonder how long that will last. That seems like the next logical step.

22 cheap destinations with great weather in June

A great series of articles that covers every month of the year. Cheap destinations with great weather. It does not help to go somewhere because it has great prices, only to find that they have torrential downpours every day. How many times has that happened to you?

How Guyana is moving past Jonestown to attract tourists

Jim Jones. Jonestown. Kool-Aid. Probably the first (and sadly) only things you know about Guyana. But is has a rich ecological diversity, speaks English and doesn’t have any tourists that you have to fight with. Correspondingly, the tourism infrastructure is not built out to the point that it could support a mass of visitors. But this is an opportunity for the adventurous.

A Travel Sensation: Four Nights and Flights to Japan For Only $780 in June

Fantastic deal! Jump on this if you have the time to take off for a few days.

Compare the Cost and Time of Driving Versus Flying for Your Next Trip

Is is really cheaper to drive than to fly? It may cost less to drive, but what about the intangibles of the trip? Being able to relax and not focus on driving? Sleeping, working, reading, etc. may be more important to a traveler as they travel than saving cash.

Bargain Summer Trips Free From Crowds

Instead of the usual suspects every summer, some new ideas for places to go for this or any summer.

Coping with the heaven, hell and humor of family travel

The summer months are the prime time for families to take off. The parents have time off from work and the kids are out of the school. So how do families not end up killing up each other?

Five decadent spots for chocolate lovers

Some of you like chocolate. Some of you love chocolate. Some of you have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate. No matter, I’m not judging you. But just like anything else, a trip can be based around a theme. Why not make yours chocolate, if you so desire?

Hangover cures from around the world

Every culture has their own cure for the hangover. Makes sense since people around the world get blitzed out of their minds everyday….

4 tips for using credit cards overseas

Credit cards overseas are now using chip and pin as opposed to the magnetic stripe used by American credit cards. This means you may have to carry your passport with you if the merchant wants proper identification before you complete your purchase. I carry my passport wherever I go anyway, but some leave it in a hostel/hotel safe. I’m not sure if merchants would generally accept a photocopy of your passport photo page as proper ID.

Top 10 Cruise Packing Tips

Some the same rules apply if you were on a land based trip. You can pack less by using laundry services as you travel. Bathrobes are available so don’t pack your own. But I did not know that most cruise lines don’t supply alarm clocks. Also an important consideration is the dress code of the ship. Is is more formal or casual? A quick call to the cruise line or to your cruise travel agent if you used one would be able to settle that. What a waste of valuable luggage space if you pack the wrong things.

Would You Sell Your House for a Year of Adventure Travel? This Family Did

It’s possible for families, not just young singles just out of college. Bring the kids along!

How to Win A 12 Week Travel Photography Course

Want to take better travel pictures? Want to take it to the next level and sell your pictures to magazines, newspapers and other websites? Entry to the contest is easy enough. Everything to gain and not a whole lot to lose here as far as I can see.

‘The Hangover 2′ May Already Be Hurting Thailand Tourism

I wonder if it will. Did “The Hangover” affect Las Vegas either way? I don’t think so since most people know more about Vegas than they do about Bangkok.

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