Best Travel Deals and News – May 24, 2011 – How to Travel With Pets, No Bathtubs in Hotel Bathrooms, Rio Myths, Tokyo Travel is Slow, What to Think About for Travel Insurance

by brian on May 24, 2011

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8 Myths About Rio de Janeiro

I’ve had Brazil on the brain the last few weeks. This season’s Amazing Race had its next to last stop in Rio before heading back to the US for the season finale. And there has been an excellent series on American public television about the slave trade in the Americas and the Brazil episode was fascinating. Salvador is Brazil’s third largest city and was the focal point of the slave trade in the country. If you haven’t been to Brazil, you just might with the World Cup and the Olympics coming up. In fact you really don’t need any special reason to go.

Case dismissed: No refund for my canceled Middle East vacation

Another case for having adequate travel insurance, insurance that covers any reason for cancelling. The State Department removed its advisory for Egypt but the person still wanted to cancel because they were nervous about being there. Tour company said no way. We can reschedule you, but we are not giving you your money back.

Travel Video of the Week
Itinerary Planning
Rick Steves has a short video on how to plan out your trip, especially if you have a limited amount of time.

What to Know When Traveling With Your Pet

Some people consider their pet their child and an important part of their family. With passengers complaining about how they are created on flights, you know pets get it even worse. The problem is, they can’t complain and articulate their problem. You must prepare well if you are taking a dog or cat on a flight, to prevent injury or in the worst case scenario the death of your beloved pet.

The Amenity Travelers Want Most: Power for Their Gadgets

With all the laptops, phones and tablets people are carrying, I think power outlets are a really important consideration. You can use a site like SeatGuru or SeatExpert to figure out if you have an outlet near your seat. Airports are little behind from what I see in terms of outlets. That would definitely help when there are delays and you are stuck in the airport waiting for the next flight.

Air Transport Association reports more passengers, higher airfares

The economy is slowly recovering and these numbers bear it out. Whether gas prices fall any significant amount will determine whether travel for leisure or business will recover any faster.

Many hotels take ‘bath’ out of bathrooms

Does anyone take a bathtub bath in a hotel? I never have knowing how quick a job they take to clean those bathrooms. I don’t trust it. This does not bother me at all. If I want to sit in a bath with a rubber ducky, I’ll do it at home.

80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling

A good summary of lots of travel tips that can help you anywhere in the world.

Tokyo travel industry on the brink

I think that reason Japan in general is having problems with tourism is that the government is not telling the real truth about the nuclear reactors. Or I should say the real information is coming out after the Japanese government is saying everything is OK. With that you don’t believe anything they say. That anxiety is making people delay/cancel trips to Japan.

All aboard! Amtrak sees surge in ridership

Alot of people said they were going to drive or take the train to avoid high flight costs and the TSA. I guess they were not lying.

Coverage for When the Vacation Is Scrubbed

Another article on travel insurance and goes through some of the things you should really think about before buying. But either way, you should buy, especially if the trip is expensive. Expensive is subjective but if your finances would be devastated if you lost the money, you should get travel insurance.

The Definitive Pet Travel Guide

An infographic on pet travel. One big thing to take away: If you have a short nosed dog (pug, boxers, bull dogs, chow chows, etc.) they are more apt to die from air travel than other dogs. Their short noses make them less adaptable to hot and/or humid conditions.

TripLingo Teaches You Foreign Language Phrases You’ll Actually Need When Traveling

Why Does the Trip Home Always Seem Shorter?

An interesting phenomenon not just for flight, but taking a simple car trip, especially if you’ve never been there before. The trip could be an hour long, and on the way back it feels like you are home in 20 minutes.

7 strategies for traveling families

Travel tips for families now with summer vacations approaching. For those of us without families, parents please read these tips so that no one has to hear the crying whining kids. Nobody enjoys that.

Apple’s secret iTravel app for the iPhone and iPad

I have no idea what this is yet, but looks most interesting.

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