Best Travel Deals and News – May 10, 2011 – How to Beat Flight Travel Problems, Save Money in New York, How To Save Money on Gas, Packing Light with Rick Steves

by brian on May 10, 2011

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8 common air travel snafus (and how to beat them)

Great ideas on what to do when things go wrong. Get bumped from that flight and the airline might offer you vouchers. You have an options. Ask for the money instead.

New York budget travel: 7 tips from a local to keep it cheap

I like this list but I disagree about not staying anywhere except for Manhattan. The outer boroughs of New York City are a subway ride away and you can rent an apartment or house in Northern New Jersey with easy access to Manhattan with more room to stretch out.

Travel Video of th Week
Rick Steves on Traveling Light
Travel mogul Steves breaks down what he packs when he takes off to his latest destination. Think this guy has some good tips on how to travel after all the miles he has logged? You bet.

Confessions of a… New York Street-Food Vendor – What it’s really like to sell street food in NY

Where do they go to the bathroom? The answer is here.

How to Lie, Cheat, and Steal Your Way to a Perfect Flight

Little hacks that could be consider unscrupulous when you’re on your flight. I still can’t figure out why someone would need/want to unlock a locked airplane bathroom but this information is here.

Frequent flier challenge: How to get the flights you want

Avoid the popular days and book as early as possible. Sounds like what you would normally do if you were flying with your own money and not frequent flyer miles.

Don’t let high gas prices stall your summer plans

One of the best things you can do for gas mileage is to get a tune up. If your car runs more efficiently, you can save gas. Also take advantage of smartphone apps that show the best prices for gas in your area. This is much better than driving around trying to find the cheapest gas. So you’re burning gas to find the cheapest gas. Counterintuitive, no?

Bin Laden’s compound: Tourist draw or bound for wrecking ball?

This does not surprise me at all. Someone is going to set up tours to see the place that Osama died. Just waiting for the T-shirt hawkers outside the gates, waiting for the tourists to show up.

36 Hours in Detroit

Detroit? Yes, Detroit. The Motor City has fallen on extremely hard times, but every big American city has something to offer, and Detroit is no different.

How to Save on Group Travel

Using convention and visitors bureaus is an idea most would not think about. We’d probably associate those organizations with large businesses and conventions, but they will help a family reunion get their partytime on.

9 ways to save on summer flights to Europe

These tips can be applied anywhere in the world and always good to repeat.

6 most common solo travel questions — answered!

Some travelers have a complex about eating alone. If you do you will never travel by yourself and you’ll find yourself with excuses for not going anywhere unless it is with someone else.

The Stopover Secret: How to Get More From Any Trip

12 Hours in Paris – What to do on a long layover?

Two articles, one talking about a layover in Paris and and one wanting to maximize your time and experience when you do have an extended layover.

80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling

You worry too much, take more money, take less clothes are some of the things I would say I wish I learned before I started traveling. Actually I did learn this, but I still didn’t listen…

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