Best Travel Deals and News – May 3, 2011 – Why Bomb Jemaa El F’na Square, Best Travel Trips in May, History of Frequent Flier Miles, Pick an Island for Your Next Trip, Finding Airfare Deals

by brian on May 3, 2011

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Why Would Anyone Bomb Jemaa El F’na Square in Marrakesh?

I think we know the why. But I’m curious about the long term effects to Morocco’s tourism industry? Up until now it had remained off the list of countries with serious unrest in the Middle East. Is this the beginning of more terrorism in this country, or was this an aberration?

Travel Video of the Week
The History and Evolution of Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer from Gabriel Leigh on Vimeo.

One guy who became hooked on frequent flier miles details his experience and those of others. Frequent flier mile runs, where people take flights just to accumulate more miles, is like an addiction. Great story in the video about the guy who hired 4 Thai farmers to fly back and forth within Thailand to accumulate miles under his account.

How Useful Are the DOT’s New “Passenger Protections”?

While the new passenger protections are put into place you don’t necessarily cover everything. There are many loopholes as this article will show.

50 of the World’s Best Guided Expeditions

If you have the interest in a particular part of the world and don’t know where to begin, a guided tour is a great way to maximize your time and your money.

Eight Compelling Reasons to Cruise to Alaska Now

Many people seem to forget about the 49th state. It’s all alone in this little corner of the world north of Canada but Alaska has always been a place where anyone can see an interesting part of America that you may not usually think about.

18 Cheap destinations with great weather in May

This article covers much of the entire world in terms of spots that you can check out for the month of May. The combination of good prices and great weather make these destinations for May great in any year.

4 tips for tackling tricky photo scenarios

For those of you who have a hard time taking good pictures, here are some great tips for you to consider the next time you pull your camera out. Much of it entails using the features already built into your camera. The cameras these days are meant for point and shoot, but you may not be utilizing it to its fullest potential.

Become a monk or Muslim for a month

There are programs that that immerse you in any language. And now they are programs that immerse you in a religion. You may have people who do not understand this, but anything that fosters understanding of different peoples is always good.

The skinny on finding airfare deals

I think one of the biggest keys here is always making sure that you signed up with all of the free services that send you alerts. You’ve got to work to get better fares, but leveraging technology will make it much easier.

How to save on Las Vegas flights

One of the most popular destinations in the United States and new ways on how you can get there for less.

Go Skiing (But Not On Snow)

This is one of the main reasons that I want to go to Namibia. The thought of skiing in warm weather possibly year round just sounds so intriguing. And I’m a person who can’t stand the cold so this is an absolute plus for me.

Space Shuttle Launch: 7 Locations In The U.S. To Visit For A Space Fix

The shuttle program is retiring, but the remaining ships will be on display all across the country in the next few years. In the meantime, you can get your space fix at these great attractions.

10 islands for every type of traveler

Whether you are the person who is looking to meet celebrities, have $1,000,000 in the bank, or party all night long, air is an island for you. Everyone fits that a category of island and here are some fantastic options for you, whatever your circumstances.

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