Best Travel Deals and News – June 28, 2011 – Africa Ain’t Cheap, Technology and Travel, NYC Rooftop Bars, Bad Wireless Hotel Charges, How to Eat Well on Planes, How to Plan a Staycation

by brian on June 28, 2011

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Spirit Airlines Introducing $5 Boarding Pass Fee

Spirit, you did it again. Glad the airlines have not decided to follow your charging for carry-on bags…at least not yet.

Plan the Perfect Staycation: 10 Easy Tips

I hate this phrase but it is an economic reality for many. If you’re going be at home make the best of it.

Travel Video of the Week
Sen. Rand Paul Questions Invasive TSA Searches – 06/22/11

The TSA has been in hot water for the last couple of years and everyone wants to get their two cents in on the matter. During this Senate hearing, the head of the TSA, John Pistole, is questioned about the way passengers are searched at US airports.

Tips for renting a car overseas

I personally don’t want to drive when I am in a foreign country. Most times they drive on the “wrong” side, the signs are in a different language and its just one more potential stressor I don’t want when I want to be enjoying myself. Now that I’ve said all of that, if you do want to rent, here are some great tips on how to do it properly with minimal aggravation.

Nope, Africa is Not Cheap for Travelers

You’d think the countries of Africa would be cheap, similar to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately that is not the case for most of the continent and that is one of the factors holding back people from visiting. Even South Africa, which was a great bargain, has seen its prices rise relative to the dollar and euro.

How Technology Changes the Way We Travel

As wiith everything else, fast moving tech is changing the way we book flights, communicate with friends and family back home and even the aircraft we are using to get to our next adventure.

8 really cool international webcams

If you can’t be there, you can at least watch it online. The African cam actually can notify you via Facebook and Twitter when an animal is taking a drink at the watering hole the camera is pointed at.

When Should You Ask Before Taking a Picture?

Some places you can take shot after shot of people and no one will blink an eye. But in many, especially in Muslim countries, you really should ask before you take pictures. That really takes away the spontaneity of a great shot, but better than being yelled at because you didn’t get permission.

20 best rooftop bars in NYC

The rooftop bar is a hot property when the weather is good during the New York City summer. Here’s a list of 20 of some of the better known. If you’re coming for a visit, this is fast becoming one of the most do things you need to check off.

Take a Tour Walking Across Rooftops in Stockholm

A very cool tour that has you doing your Spiderman impersonation by going across the roofs of Stockholm. Complete with safety harnesses, this tour truly gives a unique view of a major metropolian city. How they get approvals to walk across for all those rooftops must be an interesting story.

Ridiculous or not? Wireless hotel charges that make you want to stay home

Hotels can be just as bad as the airlines with charging extra fees. One of the most commented on is charging for wireless Internet access in hotel rooms. The contrast between hotels that charge anywhere from $10-$20 PER DAY vs. hostels that have free WiFi is even more pronounced.

Hotel housekeeping: Do you tip?

I try to tip every day a few dollars since I don’t know if the cleaner when I check out has been the same person during my entire stay at the hotel. It’s a hard and largely thankless job and I know they appreciate anything that would say thank you.

Passengers Behaving Badly! Gross! 5 things not to do on a plane

I’ve got to say I’ve never seen anyone clipping toenails on a plane, but that would not shock me. More importantly, try to keep the smelly, stinky food at the terminal and not on the plane. That means the curry, cabbage or anything else that would get you nasty looks as you eat.

Drunken sex, strip clubs, violence? Sounds about right

Thailand, you are amazing and tawdry at the same time. But anyone can make any locaion as clean or as crazy as they want it to be. The Hangover 2 is only one side of Thailand and you can completely skip that side if you wanted too.

Take A Fantastic Voyage Through the Human Body

Very cool museum in the Netherlands, all aboout the human body.

Spend a month at the museum – literally!

Contest where someone spends an entire month in a museum and get $10000 for it. You’re blogging the entire time about it and get to run the halls afterhours when no one else is there.

Top chefs share their secrets on how to eat well on planes

The phrase ‘eat well on planes’ sounds like one big contradiction, but these cooking pros have ideas on how you can do it. Don’t be stuck with an $8 box of cardboard for lunch. And remember, don’t make it smelly.

Bonus Video of the Week
Seagull stole GoPro
What happens when a bird steals someone’s video camera? A bird’s eye view (horrible, I know, could not resist) of the theft and the aftermath. The robbery victim did manage to recover his camera, after scaling the side of a building!

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