Best Travel Deals and News – June 14, 2011 – Get Bumped – Get Rebooked, Best Travel Value Destinations, Best Travel Packing Tips, Avoid Airline Ticket Problems

by brian on June 14, 2011

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Delta Passenger Kicked Off Plane For Using F-Word

Airlines and flight attendants in particular seem to have a zero tolerance policy toward unruly passengers. I completely agree with this policy but if you listen the passenger’s side, he was not directing his f-bomb to anyone in particular. The truth is probably somewhere in between. The passenger, Robert Sayegh, is a children’s book author. Irony anyone?

Touring the Boeing factory

This would be high on the list of reasons to head to Seattle. We fly on planes all the time, but to see how they put them together would be awesome.

Travel Video of the Week
Two professional photographers, Joe Ayala and Larry Chen, are stuck in an airport overnight and decide to spend the time filming their escapades. They raced in wheelchairs down deserted corridors, made announcements on the public address system and drank beer from a deserted airport restaurant. While funny, some are concerned that the pair had too much access to the airport. Airport administration says that the two were always being watched and did not break any laws.

STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

25 things about LAX

The one major US city that I want to get to but have not been to yet. Most everyone passes through LAX and while I’ve heard some not so flattering things about it, it is a major gateway into and out the US from the Pacific. It must have some redeeming points, no?

The world’s 14 best-value destinations

I like all of these places because most are off the beaten path and not on the lips of most travelers. And they are cheap. But remember that an inexpensive destination does not mean it is any less fun, culturally rich or engaging.

Billions and Billions in Bag Fees and Penalties

How the airlines are staying afloat. Charging fees for baggage and pretty much everything else. On my last international flight, I just a carry-on and the bag holding my laptop. No extra charges. The bag fees lead into the printed board pass fees, which lead into the talking to a human to book your reservation fee, etc. I hate them but I think they are an necessary evil.

Avoid bag fees with these smart packing tips

I just tried rolling my clothes as opposed to folding and I think they are right. I did feel like I definitely has more room in my carry-on.

We’ve still got it good: UK flights used to cost $110,000

Everything is relative right? We complain about prices now, but they are less expensive than they were 30-40 years ago. Back then flying was for the rich and elite. The democratization of flying has made it accessible to most everyone who has at least $50 in their pocket, but it also means it has become a ‘flying bus service’. Good or bad thing?

8 common air travel snafus (and how to beat them)

The one thing I learned: Check in as soon as you can. Most airlines allow you to check in online 48 hours before the flight. The faster you check in, the less likely you will be bumped from the flight. If you really need to get somewhere, don’t take any chances and check in asap. If you have time to spare and think you may be able to get cash for being bumped, you can take the chance.

How to deal with airport strandings

Have your airline’s phone number on your cell phone when you travel. If you get bumped, if there is a weather delay or mechanical problems, you jump in the line to get rebooked AND call the customer service number at the same time. Between those two methods, you will get booked faster than everyone else in the same predicament.

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