Best Travel Deals and News – June 7, 2011 – Transparent Airfare Pricing, An American iPhone Abroad, Ticket Refund for Price Drop, Comparing Travel Methods for Best Savings, What To Do in Bangkok

by brian on June 7, 2011

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DOT Requires Taxes, Fees Be Included in Advertised Prices

The US Department of Transportation has been forcing the airlines to be more forthcoming with all the fees associated with air travel. The airlines will forced to refund fees if they LOSE your bags, not if the they can’t find it for a period and then eventually get them to you. Airlines already compensate you for lost bags so no big deal there. More important that you understand all the fees associated with your plane trip before you enter your credit card number.

10 good ideas for solo travelers

Number 4 is – Run an errand for a friend. I did that while in Tokyo and took me on an adventure around the city that I would not have had otherwise.

Using an American iPhone in Europe… without going broke

I think I posted this article before, but this is even more relevant to me since I am traveling to Vancouver with my iPhone 4. While the title says how to travel to Europe, the story’s tips apply to anywhere outside of the United States and it an excellent read.

Travel Video of the Week
The No Vacation Nation
A video companion to the story last week about America having the fewest number of vacation days for an industrialized, developed nation.

101 Things to Do in Bangkok

You could never say there is nothing to do in Bangkok. After reading this article, you really don’t have any excuses for filling your time while in Bangkok? Will “The Hangover 2″ help or hurt tourism to Bangkok? That remains to be seen.

TSA 2011 Summer Travel Tips

From the US government agency that we have come to love to hate, come tips for summer travel. And there are links to packing checklists and even the TSA’s award winning iPhone app. Got to check that out just to see what is award winning about it.

Airline Ticket Price Drop? You Might Be Eligible for a Refund

JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines make it easy to get a refund of the difference if the ticket price drops. The other airlines make it more difficult, many by charging you a fee to get a refund, which may negates the refund. But honestly how many times does the price drop these days with gas prices still high?

How to Say “I’m Allergic to Peanuts” in 45 Languages

Peanut allergies can be a killer, so you better know how to tell everyone to keep the shells, nuts and oil away from you.

Should You Start a Travel Blog for Your Round the World Trip?

Yes. But only if you’re willing to commit to it. No one wants to go to a blog and have it updated infrequently. Get on a schedule. It is better to post too much that too little. And honestly there is no such thing as too much posting on the blog, especially a round the world travel blog. As the blog owner you sent the agenda.

8 Secrets to Guilt-Free Travel in Developing Nations

A concise article detailing what many struggle with when they travel to developing countries: How to travel and act in a country that does not offend, perpetuate stereotypes or encourage bad behavior of either the locals or the visitor.

Help Me Plan My Trip to Tokyo

A blog can be used to spread information and also to collect information. Here is a great use by a blogger going to Tokyo for the first time and needing hints and ideas on what to do while there. The list of comments is extremely comprehensive. He has no need for a travel guide book at this point.

Europe trains vs. planes vs. buses: Popular routes compared by price

The main take away from this article is to always compare the costs for transportation. Maybe taking the train is alot cheaper and you’re willing to deal with the additonal time. Maybe the plane is cheaper but you don’t want to deal with security and/or want to take the scenic route.

North Korea Developing Massive Tourism Zone

Who would want to go to North Korea for any extended period time? I would go and visit the Demilitarized Zone for a few hours, but spending time in a resort in North Korea? Naw….

How to buy the right travel insurance for your trip

The only way to be covered for EVERYTHING is to buy the “cancel for any reason” clause. All inclusive this covers everything from you broke your leg, to civil unrest in the destination country, to your boss want to you stay home and finish that project. Will cost more, but again, covers every eventuality.

Lessons learned from stupid travel mistakes

It’s unfortunate that the traveler knows more about the rules and regulations that the airline or car rental representative.

How to phone home cheaply from overseas

The crux of the article talks about using Voice over IP (VoIP) to make calls. This means using the Internet to make free to extremely low cost calls. The big app is Skype, recently purchased by Microsoft, but Google Voice is another big player in the VoIP field.

USA’s two biggest carriers raise bag fees

And if there isn’t a huge outcry, the other carriers will follow.

Expanding Hotel Loyalty Rewards

With airline reward programs getting all the attention, hotel rewards are trying to raise their profile and get more customer loyalty. Nobody wants to be left out.

What NOT to do at the airport

Don’t fall asleep and miss your flight. That would be my first rule. Don’t buy from the shops unless you absolutely have to. That would be rule two. For the rest, check the article.

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