Best Travel Deals and News – July 12, 2011 – Running of the Bulls, Paying for Your Cruise Tour, Get A Better Seat on Your Flight, What Foods Can You Carry Through Customs

by brian on July 12, 2011

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More for Your Money: The quest for transparent airline fees
Surprise, surprise. The airlines are fighting against full disclosure of all fees as you are booking your flight. What are they trying to hide? Surprises are good on anniversaries and birthdays, not when you’re booking an airline ticket.

$100 Weekend in Istanbul
Commenters have brought up a good point about these $100 weekend series of articles. $100 or its equivalent greatly limits what you can do, see and eat. Is the whole concept flawed or does it force you to be more resourceful when you travel?

Travel Video of the Week
Running of the Bulls 2011: Get Out of the Way!
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Crazy, courageous or a little bit of both. Either way, when you have a large animal with horns running behind you, you’ll probably find that extra gear for speed you never knew you had. One thing I did not know is that women can run, but are highly discouraged from doing so. Running with the bulls is a macho thing and unseemly for a woman, according to Spanish culture.

What to See and Do in South Sudan: The World’s Newest Country
South Sudan is literally only days old as I write this, but I know many are clamoring to figure out how to get there and experience this country for the first time. The birth of a nation is something that is so historic it is tempting to visit just for the experience. Best wishes for this newborn country and its people. Here are some attractions that could cause you to get a ticket on the next flight.

Banned Foods In The U.S. (and What To Bring Back Instead)

A great list of products you can and can’t bring back from your trip overseas. Generally canned or processed products are OK. Anything that can harbor insects, parasites, etc are a no no.

What is the most expensive city in the world to live?

Not only that but New York is only #49 on the list of the most expensive cities to live? I find that are to believe.

Want to Live Abroad? You’ll Want to Read the Top 10 Cheapest Cities For Expats

The data is slightly different but generally shows the same patterns in terms of the cheapest and most expensive places to live. The criteria is sdifferent as it talks about ex-pats, who may have different expenses that a citizen who lives there full time.

Get a Better Seat on the Plane by Avoiding Airlines That Offer Elite Travel Status

That pretty much means to avoid the biggest US based carriers. Airlines like JetBlue, Virgin America, other smaller carriers are your best bets.

How airlines use Twitter – June 2011 [infographic]

Are airlines more active on Twitter because they are trying to help their customers or because they need to deal with the complaints that come through Twitter?

Confessions of…A Jersey Shore Lifeguard

Ummm…I’m glad the ocean is big after reading what the do in the water. Not enough bathrooms or private places nearby apparently….

How to Drive to the Arctic Circle

Is that comparable to Antarctica? Not sure but it is definitely more accessible than the southern pole. Hop in a car and drive up. But got to take a few more preparations for the cold and bears. Yes, bears.

When to buy and fly cheap plane tickets to Asia

Tips on how to fly to Asia. With the flights so expensive and so long in travel, you’ll want to maximize your time and your money. There was a recent deal from New York -JFK to Tokyo – Haneda for $199 base ticket price ROUND TRIP. Once taxes and fees were added the prices was about $857. Much more than the original price but still a great bargain for flying 26-28 hours total.

How to use a concierge

Use them! That is what they are hired to do and take great pleasure in making requests happen. As long as it is legal they will try to get it done. Ice cubes in the pool because the water is too warm. Done. Seating at the hot restaurant that has been sold out for months. Done. And don’t forget to tip if the concierge has done you a solid. Who doesn’t appreciate a tip?

As A Gracious Bonus to Its Passengers, Royal Caribbean Cruises Will Permit Them to Tour the Inner Workings of Their Ships — For $150

I always thought ship tours were free or much lower in cost than this. There are other ship lines that charge less, but not many are free. I still think many passengers would snap this offer up.

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