Best Travel Deals and News – July 26, 2011 – Road Trip Tips, Free Things To Do in Europe, Where People Visit in the USA, Why Go Ethiopia

by brian on July 26, 2011

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Top 10 tips for cruising single

Good ideas if the fares for cruisers are scaring you off. Remember that most cruise cabins, unless they are specifically noted, are for double occupancy. Which means the cruise line wantx to make as much money as possible,

Six Driving Tips from a Summer Spent on the American Road

The good ole’ American road trip. Does it have to be said that the top tip should be: Don’t drink and drive. Obvious yes, but obviously not everyone is getting the message.

Travel Video of the Week
Pegasus Airlines Safety Video

Airlines always have a problem getting people to watch the safety video before flight. They’ve taken two routes – sexy videos or cute video. This is a cute video with kids playing the roles of pilots and flight attendants. If nothing else, good for a chuckle.

France wants you to feel more welcome

You know while I was in Paris I didn’t get the rude vibe France is known for. But sometimes the perception is greater than the reality. And with the world economy in the dumps, the French are not trying to give anyone an excuse for spending their tourist dollars anywhere else.

How do you deal with an unwanted chatty seatmate?

This is where your music player comes in handy. Or just close your eyes. Or just be up front and say, ‘I really need to get some rest’.

25 Things you can do in Europe for free

Nice comprehensive list. For those of you who don’t like to read, there are plenty of pictures.

Antarctica cruising continues to decline

The biggest cause seems to be the world economy. I would not disagree. You have to get a flight to Chile or Argentina, which are not discount airline destinations. Then the cruise to Antarctica is not a cheap affair.

London Calling: 9 Steps to a Perfect Day in the City

One of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the world, London can be expensive, just like New York can. But we know big, popular cities don’t have to be expensive as proved with my NYC on the cheap travel guide. Maybe I should start one for London?

Why You May Need a Second Passport

One passport will give you options. A second passport will give you even more options the first one didn’t.

International visitors’ favorite places to visit in the U.S.

New York, Las Vegas, Miami, the usual suspects are all represented. What I find interesting are the lesser known places visited by tourists of particular nationalitles.

FAA stops collecting airfare taxes — and the airlines cash in

Taking your money and not apologizing for it.

10 Reasons to Love Ethiopia

I could only spend a week in Ethiopia and with that I only saw Addis Ababa. This article covers the whole county, many plces you never thought of going…or even knew existed.

Saving money when traveling overseas

Simple tips put together that we should always be reminded of.

Hotels Brinbing Customers for Positive Review on TripAdvisor

Here is the issue many people have with peer created website, where the average person can write their own review. Folks can be bribed. But then again, can’t professional journalists and travel writers who are paid for their unbiased reviews also be swayed by perks and cash?

More – and cheaper – ways to access airport lounges

Airport lounges are available to anyone if you’re willing to pay to play. You very well may want to, especially if you have a long layover and don’t want to sit in uncomfortable seats and eat airport concession food. Pay $30-$50 US, get comfortable seating, decent food and even access to airline agents who can change seats, book flight and speed you along the way. I should have done this in Vancouver, where I was there hours before my flight concerned about rioting Canucks fans. Unfortunately I was right about the rioting.

Demystifying travel to Iceland

Iceland. The place just sounds cold. And for many not worth a visit. But give it a shot. If you would like a short trip, you stop there on your way to continental Europe for a few days. Beautiful country, clean, relatively crime free. Just a volcano to worry about…

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