Best Travel Deals and News – July 5, 2011 – How to Avoid Travel Scams, Scorpion on a Plane, Babies Banned from First Class, Travel to Cuba Saving Money in New York City

by brian on July 5, 2011

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6 travel scams to avoid on your next trip

You try to be open when you’re traveling, but your openness makes you a target for scammers who will take advantage of your goodwill. How do you protect yourself without limiting your interactions with new people and cultures. There is no good answer for that. Trust your instincts and if something does not smell right to you, don’t be afraid to abruptly walk away. Don’t be afraid to be embarrassed or offend someone if you feel uncomfortable.

Americans have more restrictions removed for visits to Cuba

It really did not make as big of a splash as you thought it would because you still need to travel with a company for it to be legal. You can’t just just on plane and explore Cuba (at least not legally). But if you sign up with a group for cultural exchange, you can make Cuba your oyster.

Travel Video of the Week
Scorpion on a Plane
Passenger is on a plane to Alaska, feels something on his arm, looks down and sees a scorpion on his arm

How Could I Afford to Travel Around the World for 2 Years?

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa a few times and her story should be an inspiration to anyone who wants to travel long term. It is possible, no matter your circumstances.

7 Frequent Flier tips that only the pros know

Business class lounges can be purchased for daily use. So if you have a long layover or just want to get into a comfortable seat with a hot buffet, the airline lounges may be the way to go for you. I never realized you can buy frequent flier miles. You may say what is the point when I earn them when I fly? Let’s say you’re about to reach a certain threshold to get more rewards. As opposed to flying to get them, plunk down your cash to get the miles and get the rewards that come with it without taking off.

10 of the World’s most thrilling airports

Thrilling…or the most panic inducing airports in the world. Be sure to bring a change of underwear.

How To Use Frequent Flyer Miles To Go Anywhere

Chris is a master of collecting and using frequent flier miles. Anything he says on the subject, you definitely want to read.

10 Ways to Survive 24+ Hours of Flying & Airports

The tips mostly talk about being on a plane, where I try to sleep as much as I can. I actually love airports. Wandering through the different restuarants, reading all the latest at Hudson News, people watching….

On Safari: If Africa’s Animals Were Motivational Speakers

I love this post because it probably repeats all the things you’ve heard from self-help speakers and books, but with African animals as the back drop.

13 of the Most Unusual Snack Foods From Around the World

I’m always willing to try anything once, but some of this stuff sound like hell in your mouth. I’ve had the durian in Thailand and the taste is nothing like the smell. I understand they have banned people from taking durian into the Bangkok train system and for good reason.

Malaysia Airlines Defends First-Class Baby Ban

Malaysia Airlines, I agree with you. Would you take a baby in a fine five star restaurant? How about to a nice theater performance? When I’m sipping my Champagne and eating my steak in first class, I don’t want to hear a screaming baby. Parents, you might have a different take on this. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

10 Fun Activities To Do When Visiting New York

Check out my New York City on a budget post where I put together all the different things on the web I’ve found on how to save money in New York City.

The Big Apple on a Budget: Discovering New York from a Different Angle

More on New York.

What You Can Do As A Solo Traveler to Save When Booking a Cruise?

Good news for solo travelers who want to cruise and but don’t want to pay the single supplement. I have to believe the solo traveler is the only demographic cruise lines have not pitched to until recently. With everyone scrambling for dollars in this economy, ignoring a subset of travelers with money to spend is leaving money on the table.

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