Best Travel Deals and News – July 19, 2011 – Senior Travel Discounts, Food Walking Tours, How To Get Cheap Flights, Free Things To Do in New York

by brian on July 19, 2011

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Finding Senior Discounts

Sorry my seasoned travelerfriends. There are not any more resources for discounts that are not available for anyone else. Your best bets for discounts involve using the organizations you’re part of. A work union, automobile club, etc. If you’re an active or retired member of the military, police or fire departments, some places will just give you a discount if you ask for it.

More Airline Tricks and How to Avoid Them

Airlines can reschedule flights for legitimate reasons. When they do, they have an obligation to put you on the flight and refund the money if the new flight does not agree with you. Many travelers don’t know this and take the new flight even when it is not convenient for them. Stick up for yourself and try to get the flight that works for you, even if it means being on a different carrier.

Travel Video of the Week
Stuff Your Rucksack

Doing good while you travel is a win/win for everyone. Punch your destination into the Stuff Your Rucksack website and find out what is needed where you are going. Now you can stuff your suitcase with socks, notebooks, cell phones or whatever else is needed.

9 Best Foodie Walking Tours

Just reading this and seeing the plates of food makes me hungry. Major metropolitan areas in the US are covered and a wide diversity of foods and cuisines are covered.

Seoul’s Virtual Subway Supermarket

Definitely something to check out the next time you’re in Seoul. Wherever you can make it convenience for consumers to purchase products, you have to put yourself there. In this case ‘Location, Location, Location’ is very true.

Yukari Miyamae Gropes TSA Agent At Phoenix Airport

Turning the tables gone wrong. Some fed up travelers would see this as justice, but the TSA does not see it that way. I expect many to come to this woman’s defense.

TSA takes first steps toward ‘trusted travel’ program

I actually thought this program was already in the place and considered signing up for it. The pilot would have travelers NOT have to remove shoes or take computers out of cases, among other things. But for the government to properly vet you, they have not said what additional information they would need from you to fly through security lines. Beyond the intense background check what else would Homeland Security need? Bank accounts? Employer history? Credit statements?

Point-to-point discount airlines: Cheap flight strategies for complicated itineraries

Doing alittle research can have you save greatly by booking on different tickets on different airlines rather than booking a one way ticket on the same airline. But there are drawbacks, especially if this is done internationally. You’ll need a visa to transfer flight, since you can technically leave the airport before you jump on the next flight.

40 free attractions in New York

Another addition to my going blog post on ways to save in New York City.

Just Back from Europe: 10 Lessons of Rewarding, Cost-Conscious Travel

Some good and well used ideas for Arthur Frommer after his recent trip to Europe.

EXTRA: Travel Video of the Week
Naked streaker attacked by Bull in bizarre Pamplona festival

I would consider everyone in an enclosed ring with an agitated bull to be crazy. But you are deranged to run the ring, stark butt naked and teasing the animals with what looks like a red scarf. Nude dude got gored, had an artery severed and was ARRESTED for creating a disturbance because he was completely naked. Don’t think we’ll see him next year…

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